Which Is the Definitively Best BioShock Game?

Twinfinite: With the BioShock Collection out now, we take a look at the series to determine which is the best adventure.

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BlackTar1872564d ago

I personally found 3 the hardest to go back too. Love the underwater over the sky any day.

SarcasticDuck2564d ago

your opinion. I hate underwater stuff

Trekster_Gamer2564d ago

Agreed underwater was much MUCH more fun!

BlackTar1872564d ago

Hence the lead in "I personally"

morganfell2564d ago

Like Blacktar, I love the underwater the most. I just wish Bioshock 1 had not warned me who the antagonist was in the first 20 seconds of the game. Wholly unnecessary.

OhMyGandhi2564d ago


You hate "underwater stuff"?
Then Bioshock in general is not for you.

1 was the best of the series, and one of the most memorable games I've ever played. 2 had its moments, but felt a bit stale, but I wanted to go back and see more of Rapture, so I didn't mind. I actually didn't care for 3. It had gorgeous graphics, and Elizabeth as a character was quite unique, but Booker felt derivative of every other protagonist with a chip on his shoulder, but it was just the moment to moment gameplay in general that felt laborious, and repetitive. Not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, but Bioshock should of stayed underwater.

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affrogamer2564d ago

very subjective. You're not gonna convince me that the one u liked the best should be the "definitively" best one.

Kramerica132565d ago

Gotta go with Infinite on this one.

thejigisup2564d ago

infinite had the best of all of the games, and it tied the stories together flawlessly. That ending was genius.

sher123win1232564d ago

the dlc tied the game together

OoglyBoogly2564d ago

Infinite took away the best and had a horribly contradictory ending.

NukaCola2564d ago

Bioshock is untouchable with its atmosphere and MetroidVania style. I liked 2 a lot. Infinite was too linear and FPSish for me.

Concertoine2564d ago

2 is wholly underrated, the gameplay was gold. You could do so many different combat options, and the level design was so labrynthian

Perjoss2564d ago

The first Bioshock is the best one in terms of the newer games, but I still prefer System Shock 2 because of the space setting.