If the PS4 Pro could run Uncharted 4 at 60fps, it would probably look a lot like this

Sam Prell

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madmonkey012811d ago

most consumers wouldnt even know the difference if hey were not told, 30fps is still fine, and the majority of general consumers want better graphics, there is the minority hard core that will argue for the opposite.

Fishy Fingers2811d ago

Somewhat undermining to say most customers wouldn't know. Id expect anyone who's played the SP and MP to notice the difference in 'feel' and input response.

Admittedly they may not know/understand why or how but the difference is immediate.

Fishy Fingers2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Edit: Apologies, double post.

OB1Biker2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Or maybe they wouldnt care that much. Graphics are more likely to blow minds that framerates IMO
I was obviously not talking about MP games and the topics is certainly not about dropping existing framerate. It's about upping them
Of course I agree you can't drop MP games or for that matter any game below its normal framerate

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esmittystud1012811d ago

The Nathan Drake Collection runs like a dream in 60fps. Its like playing Uncharted 4 multiplayer if guys that don't know, want to compare. I don't mind the 30fps in U4, I can live with it. But what upgrades are we getting with PS4 Pro and Uncharted 4? The lighting? I'm confused.

dRanzer2811d ago

ND should fix the shadows in the game