Nintendo "flattered" by Mii-like XBox Avatars

"Just what does Nintendo think of the glaringly borrowed Microsoft Avatars? They're fine with it, says company president Reggie Fils-Aime..."

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chaosatom4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

knows Microsoft can't throw them out of the race. Wii and Ds have reached the point of no return.

Nintendo knows that Microsoft won't get any of their customers. Eventhough xbox is 200 dollars, Customers Would still want a wii because Wii is riding on its popularity wave and isn't slowing down.

Fox014317d ago

$200 for a HD console and great games or $250 for a wii (not HD, no online and very, very few good games)?

-Wii has a Wiimote, wifi, web browser and a very good hardware

-Xbox360 ---> no wifi, no Wiimote, no web browser, says it's a HD console but doesn't have bluray, HDD or web browser and a very bad reputation of breaking often.

I guess after the consumers have thought of all these, the ones that want a HD console, buy PS3s and the orhers just stick to the Wii.

I see why the 360 sales are declining now.

sonarus4318d ago

awww they are flattered. You hear that microsoft nintendo thinks you are cute lol

PirateThom4318d ago

Nintendo - a/s/l ms?
Microsoft - ^-^ lol

IzKyD13314318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

MS has "flattered" everyone in the business

IzKyD13314318d ago

We have no idea what Nintendo is talking about, what are these "Miis"?
Avatars is a COMPLETELY original idea (we have 200 patents that prove so) and in fact, Nintendo copied us, we can't tell you how, but believe us, IT'S TRUE!

No FanS Land4318d ago

I like your sarcasm. man, you made my day!

IzKyD13314318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

I try : )

jcfilth4318d ago

and the new menu style is very original too.

deeznuts4318d ago

Sarcasm? A Microsoft exec actually said this in an interview.

Miyamoto was flattered back in July.

El_Colombiano4318d ago

I bet that is EXACTLY what they would say.

cherrypie4318d ago

Right, because *Nintendo invented the customizeable Avatar*.

Gotcha. Right.

uie4rhig4317d ago

dude like.. that is actually true.. Microsoft DID NOT!!!!!! (with a billion more exclamation marks) copy the Mii's .. in fact when Microsoft created avatars there was NO such things as gaming, its just its been soo long in development that they had to announce it so they could be on time.. in fact.. they never copied anyone AT ALL.. all their products have been in development before ANYONE had ever heard of such a thing, some products were in development before the Egyptians were born.. get your facts straight dude xD


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jcfilth4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

I just can not like Microsoft and believe me, I try. When it comes to their console they just keep pushing me away.

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The story is too old to be commented.