Westinghouse shows off the Quad HDTV

1080p is really what you should be looking for in a new high-definition HDTV, but the next generation is just around the corner: Westinghouse showcases a 2160p - commonly referred to as a Quad HDTV.

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Arkham5435d ago (Edited 5435d ago )

I hope that 24" has 1:1 pixel mapping, otherwise it's as useless as the similar offerings from BenQ that a lot of PS3 owners (then pre-owners) were looking forward to.

At least it has HDMI. I'd expect if it was also being touted as a media monitor too that it must have 1:1 mapping.

MicroGamer5435d ago

this will never sell. It will be too costly and you would never really see any difference at that resolution over a good 1080p set. Just seeing the difference between 720p and 1080p is difficult. 2160p is completely unnecessary.