Guerrilla: Working Within PS on Something Radically Different Like Horizon Is a Vast Opportunity

Guerrilla's Managing Director thinks that being able to work on a radically different game like Horizon: Zero Dawn within PlayStation is a vast opportunity.

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ccgr2334d ago

Sweet, looking forward to something new!

Mostafeto2334d ago

It is entirely new and something I bet every one of us dreamt about at least once. :D Getting to blow up giant mechanical dinosaur robots haha :D

S2Killinit2333d ago

yup. I had a transformer dinosaur toy when I was a kid, you could dismantle it, loved pretending its destruction in a battle. haha

game4funz2333d ago

I still prefer normal dinosaurs to be honest. Maybe someday someone will make a turok like dinosaur hunter game.... Till then this must be the next closest thing.

2333d ago
KaiPow2334d ago

Being able to break away from the mold of FPS must be a refreshing move for them.

Imp0ssibl32334d ago

I think they're underrated, the Killzone games are some of the best FPS available. Perhaps Horizon will allow gamers to see the studio in a different light.

Movefasta19932333d ago

No they aren't.KZ2 is amazing but Shadowfall?Nope.

2333d ago
Majister-Ludi2333d ago

Killzone games are some of the worst fps games available. Fixed for you Buddy. Honestly though if you feel that way you should probably get a CT scan. Muddy controls, boring story, brown color palette, stupid ai, like I said some of the worst around. Literally never thought I would get another game from guerilla, then like magic horizon appeared and it looks awesome. Please don't ever go back to killzone.

Tobsesan2333d ago

Some of the best FPS available like WHAT THE FREAK?
Looks like you hate FPS

thejigisup2333d ago

kz1 had the best formula, kz2 was amazing though it ditched the previous formula, kz3 was good technically but thats about it

kneon2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )


People who whine about the KZ controls either lack skill and so they fail to adapt to DIFFERENT controls than what they are used to, or they don't know how to play a game without massive auto-aim.

game4funz2333d ago

Gonna have to disagree... They scream call of duty clone.

Don't think they're anything special at all. Can't recall the story completely or the characters... Not sure they were very memorable.
Granted the hellghast are much more interesting then random terrorists.

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UCForce2334d ago

These guys are not wasting their talent. That's a good thing.

Alexious2334d ago

For the graphics they're among the best in the whole industry, and for Horizon they hired a great writer. Fingers crossed

MasterCornholio2333d ago

Creative freedom is nice.


Night992333d ago

Is it really creative freedom to copy Ubisoft Openworld formula? RadioTowers, Assassins Creed climbing? It would be creative if they tried to create their own Openwold flavor but insted it looks like they trie to develope an Ubisoft game.

Kaneki-Ken2333d ago

Bruh. The blindness is strong in this one.

MasterCornholio2333d ago

I'd say more like a CD Project Red game. And we know those developers make excellent games.

It's kind of like having The Witcher 3 as an exclusive.

Alexious2333d ago

I think it will be quite different from Assassin's Creed.

Aloy-Boyfriend2333d ago

Like Assassins Creed copied lots of Sly Cooper formulas?

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Night992333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

But why has Horizon: Zero Dawn has to have so much Ubisoft Openworld into it? Why this game needs RadioTowers and climbing that looks straight up copied from Assassins Creed? I am so tired of the Ubisoft formula and this game looks to have so much of it in it, I swear if this game even has the Ubisoft collectathon with some bullshit popping everywhere on the map I will not even buy this game as a budget. I don't need Ubisoft games made by Sony.

ninsigma2333d ago

It looks nothing like a ubisoft open world actually looks good!

Kaneki-Ken2333d ago

PlayStation doesn't need your blindness to play their games. Go back and play the bugging Assassin Creed since they were the one who originally has robot dinosaurs, able to ride dinosaurs and have beautiful graphics that are not Downgraded a few months before release.

Tussin1872333d ago


Well, since you obviously think that then don't buy it. Others, like me, think this game looks awesome. There are FPS coming out (pick one) and they will have guns. They will have guns like one of the most hated games out called Call of Duty. Why do those games have guns? I'm so sick of guns=terrible game.


sullynathan2333d ago

yeah, it looks like the typical open world we've been getting in the past years but it has a cool setting and lore.

G20WLY2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

"typical open world...but it has cool setting and lore"

And enemies and weapons and gameplay mechanics and characters and RPG elements and strategy elements and robot dinosaurs.

Yep, totally typical! /S

sullynathan2333d ago

of course, haven't you noticed how nearly every big game in the last 5 years has had this style of open world?

Having pseudo-stealth, having hunting mechanics, having "rpg" mechanics like leveling and dialogue choices and even this style of climbing/platforming even the inclusion of a bow or crossbow, and this whole thing. Ubisoft has been doing this a lot. Look at Ass Creed Black flags, unity, syndicate, Far Cry 3, 4, primal, Watch dogs, The new ghost recon wildlands. Outside of Ubisoft other games are also already doing this like Mad Max and Mafia 3.

It is impossible to ignore this when you've been paying attention to games in recent years.

Night992333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

@G20WLY Assasin's Creed has some RPG elements to if you want to view upgradable skills this way, you can upgradab skills with skill trees since a while in this games now and I bet the RPG elements of Horizon will not be that much deeper than what we have in Assasin's Creed. Dinosaurs are in the last Far Cry Game. And Horizon even has freaking RadioTowers just like every Ubisoft openworld game and climbing that looks straight copied from Assassins Creed so what looks so different to Ubisoft games to you?

Aloy-Boyfriend2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Soo assasings creed copies naval batte from Sly cooper and it was innovative?

But Horizon uses a similar tower climb thing to reveal maps and secrets is wrong?

Tell me how many dinobots you blowed up in Assassin's Creed?

fenome2333d ago

@Nighty Night

This game looks nothing like Ass Creed or an Ubisoft game, so stop comparing them. You're trying way too hard. The climbing mechanics actually look way more like Naughty Dog games and they're way better at it than Ubi.

You don't like it, cool, we get it. Stop talking out your ass though, seriously.

Night992333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

No looks nothing like an Ubisoft game it just has RadioTowers and Assassins Creed climbing of course it is all just a coincidence O.o , it has light RPG elements like upgradeable skills just like the last Assassins Creed games. The only thing we have to see by now is the collectathon than we all can be sure that Horizon: Zero Dawn is developed by Ubisoft.

fenome2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

It actually reminds me of the Witcher 3, but with better combat funny that you loved that game but have no interest in this one.

Nevermind, just took a stroll through your comment history, and you're just butthurt because this isn't on your system of choice. If this was multiplatform you'd be all over it. Why even come in here and comment about it? Seems like a waste of time. Hell, I don't even know why I'm bothering replying to you anymore since it's a waste of my time. Don't feed the trolls..

Night992332d ago

Yes i love the Witcher but the Witcher is a real and deep RPG with a lot of choices to make and a good Story tons of Side Quests no Assassins Creed climbing and no Raditowers. The Witcher is not a Openworld action adventure game like Assasins Creed or Horizon: Zero Dawn the Witcher is an Openworld RPG so I don't think this games will have a lot of things in common other than having an openworld. But I think it is perfecty ok for Horizon to be an adventure game and not an RPG the only thing i would want is that it thakes more of own original ideas and not just straight copying this tired Ubisoft formula. This Ubisoft formula feels so overused to me.

fenome2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Ok, fair enough, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it, I'm not here to argue. I still don't get the comparisons to Assassins Creed (I don't like those games) and aren't the radio towers more of a Far Cry thing? I don't know, I'm not into those games either.

Either way, they still haven't shown a lot about this game other than some basic mechanics. It's still too early to judge the RPG elements because they still haven't even shown them yet. They haven't shown the skill tree at all yet and they haven't shown how weapon and armor modifications work or will effect gameplay either. Truth is nobody really knows how deep character development goes so we shouldn't be so quick to judge.

So far it sounds like you just watched one small clip where they showed Aloy climb up a mechanical tall neck dinosaur, hack into it's mainframe to open some form of map and just automatically latched onto Assassins Creed and Ubisoft and kept regurgitating it repeatedly. It just comes across as desperate and childish.

Night992332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Man why you argue with me when you not really play Assasins Creed or other Ubisoft games? It is totally reasonable that you can't see all the similarities when you don't played a lot of Ubisoft games but I played a lot of Assasins Creed and Far Cry games and yes this radio tower gameplay mechanic is basically part of every Ubisoft open world game in Assasins Creed they are just watchtowers in Watch Dogs they are called CTOS-towers but basically they all work the same way.

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