MacWorld: Linear PCM Recorder LS-10 review

MacWorld Writes:

"The LS-10 also records in MP3 and WMA (Windows Media) formats and can be used in Auto or Manual mode. You record to either the included 2GB of flash memory or to an SD card you pop into the slot. Up to 69 hours of audio can be squeezed onto the internal memory at the lowest quality setting. Transferring recordings to your Mac is only marginally more complicated than plugging in the USB cable. It ships with Cubase LE4 for mixing audio. The LS-10 could also be used as a flash drive and music player."

"We were impressed by the LS-10. We'd like to see Olympus continue to pay attention to the somewhat fiddly user interface. However, once you figure it out, this is the system you need whether you're a student, a writer on assignment, or a musician trying to capture a few ideas. It's a shame that the price will put it out of reach of some of these users. "

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