EEDAR makes August hardware estimates, puts PS3 ahead of 360

EEDAR's made its August hardware estimates pitching Wii and DS clear of a cumulative 1 million units and PS3 ahead of 360.

DS - 551,000
Wii - 505,000
PSP - 211,000
PS3 - 201,000
360 - 187,000

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Mr_Bun3696d ago

VG Chartz will probably swap the numbers in favor of the 360 as usual!

chaosatom3696d ago

now see the reason for price cut.

thePatriot3696d ago

I will remember this name, In case they are wrong so I dont have to pay attention to what they say next time

jamesrocks31473696d ago

so laugh if ps3 owns xbox again in september dispite the price drops

Time Lord3696d ago

next month. Come on Sony cut your price is well.

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GaintEnemyCrab3696d ago

Only people buying it are movie lovers. lol

Mr_Bun3696d ago

If buy "SUCKS" you mean, kicking the crap out of the 360 in quality and in sales, you are right!

and if buy "movie lovers" you mean, people who understand quality and want to have the best of the best, then...yeah, that's who is buying the PS3

Voiceofreason3696d ago

A beating is what the Wii is doing to the PS3 and 360 combined. Not the PS3's weak 200k if that sales a month and he has a valid point. If the PS3 was really kicking the crap out of the 360 how come 360 has way more software sales every month than PS3 does? It has 3/4 of the install base but the PS3 is only doing 40-50 % of the software sales of 360. Thats all the proof I need that many buy one and never plan on using it for gaming. Like many fanboys I am sure your response will have nothing to do with facts. Something very few Sony fans can seem to be able to bring up anymore.

pwnsause3696d ago

Because it came out first.

Mr_Bun3696d ago

Speaking of "nothing to do with the facts" I love how you spin Hardware Sales into Software Sales from the first half of my post, then completely ignore the 2nd half about Quality!

Anton Chigurh3696d ago

He is not the real Giant enemy crab just a wanna be

juuken3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

That's not GiantEnemyCrab guys.

It's GiantEnemyBalls imposter. -.-

And Voiceofreason, you are a dumbass bot.

Nuff' said.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3696d ago

He is not the normal Craby on this.
Poor xBox 360 in LAST Place!!! ;-D

pshizle3696d ago

i bought my ps3 mostly because of bluray and games extra

ps3 is a quality made product

still love my 360 for games

cmrbe3696d ago

xbots don't like movies because they don't buy PS3?.

TheDeadMetalhead3696d ago

And the only people that buy 360s are Arsenists. -_-

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The story is too old to be commented.