Playstation 4 Pro is finally here... Now What?

It's Here, It's Real, but what exactly are you going to do about it?

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darthv722638d ago

After i get mine I will play the game i have had in my collection for the last few months. killzone Shadowfall. And from there it will be a snowball effect of getting other games i have wanted to play. UC4, infamous, drive club, the order and while enjoying those I will patiently await as patches are created and released for these and many more games to improve performance on my 1080p tv for the time being. 4k will have to wait but i can still stock up on games that will get some 4k love when I get an appropriate set to run them.

SniperControl2638d ago

Looking forward to UC4 and with the extra HP of the PS4P Driveclub in VR, but wouldn't mind some of those games you listed, The Order would be totally amazing in Pro mode.

Lightning Mr Bubbles2637d ago

It's not here yet, not till November.

Erik73572637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Wouldnt matter if you had a 4k tv, its not native 4k but only for maybe last gen ports like last of us. And no checkered upscaling does not look like 4k. It might be worth it if your wanting to do VR on it but from someone who has used VR on pc I can tell you its a novelty and gets gimmicky

Tussin1872637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Have you seen it in person to say if it looks bad or not? Let us know how that goes? People keep going on about Native rez. If you actually knew how many games run under the so called max resolution on consoles and then are upscaled. It's been happening for generations. I don't care what the rez is. I know it will be over 1080p and that's good for me. And that's on my non HDR 4k TV. The thing even hasn't released yet for developers to fully optimize it yet. You do know that's how game development works right? 0_o

People on here say that there is barely a difference going from 1.8 to 4.2 tflops(Viewing on a non 4k source of course). But somehow MS is going to destroy Sony by going from Pro's 4.2 to 6 tflops. I must be missing something.

ziggurcat2638d ago

"It's Here, It's Real, but what exactly are you going to do about it?"

well, you know... buy one?

SegaGamer2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

And play games......what did this person who wrote the article think we were going to do ?

MasterCornholio2637d ago

And maybe use it to play games?

ninsigma2637d ago

Why would you do that?? People are weird....

DeadlyOreo2637d ago

Nope. Apparently watching UHD movies is far more important on a games console.

LP-Eleven2637d ago

Such easy thinking flies over a few people's heads.

Lonnie182637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I plan on getting it on launch date which is rare for me but that's when I'm gonna get it and I plan on buying Watchdogs 2 with it as well, (That game look beautiful). I already bought a 4k HDR Sony smart television literally like 2 months ago at Best Buy and for a pretty great deal so I plan on enjoying my games to the fullest!

I also want that new platinum headset for the ps4 and it works with pc as welll...another thing I know I might catch some hate on this but that Infinite Warfare gonna look good on my 4k as well! Those will be the first two new games I will be playing on my playstation pro.

Tussin1872637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I won't hate you for wanting COD. It's your money and you can spend it as you choose. I'll admit that I have the same feeling as well. Haven't played Duty since Ghost and I really can't beat getting two games. I'm a Prime member so you get 20% off of new releases (so like $64). Not a bad deal if you ask me. Getting 2 games for 4 more dollars than a new release price. Again this is for me and how I feel. Respect if other don't feel the same.

Anungunrama2637d ago

Play games on it and enjoy better graphics and not moan about it , as I'm 32 and having been gaming since I as 4 and people no longer appreciate the kind of things we are seeing ! This thing cost almost half what the PS3 cost ! 4.2 million floating point calculations per second ! No need for all the hate, don't want it doubt buy it.

Hanilugtehul2637d ago

totally agree:) i am so tired of hearing people complain about new tech. Im a old school gamer, and have been playing videogames since 1988,i have seen the evolution of gaming and where we are now is amazing:)gamers should be happy to have choices,if your want a console for your 4k tv you can buy the ps4pro,if you want one for you 1080p tv you can buy ps4 or Xbox s, you can even get psvr for your ps4, and in a year the scorpio is out so whats the freaking problem? like you said Anungunrama, if you dont like it dont buy it, if you think the industry is going the wrong way, then dont buy the products, but please stop complaining all the time, some people really dont know how spoilt this generation of gamers is:) Peace:)

blackblades2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Is it out already, wow times flies. It feels just like last week when it was introduced. Moving on (Buy, Play, Enjoy, Wait for ps5)