New iPods Revealed

Next Tuesday at 10am, Apple will kick of their latest event at the San Francisco Yerba Buena Center for the Performing Arts where it is expected that they will lift the lid on a range of new iPods as well as announce price drops across much of the range. The invite that went out was titled 'Let's Rock', and had a silhouette of a person listening to an iPod (akin to the current iPod print ads).

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jack who3691d ago

wow they copyed the zune how gay boo you apple boo

meepmoopmeep3691d ago

you have it backwards there
unless you were being sarcastic

zo6_lover273691d ago

Apple copied Zune?

That is a refresh of the Gen 2 nano's, which were out before Zune.

meepmoopmeep3691d ago

nice, my sis bought a new MBP and gave me the free iPod Touch promotion.
wonder if i could exchange it for the newer version :P

Adamalicious3691d ago

Usually you can inside of 14 days.

meepmoopmeep3691d ago

nice, thanks Adam, it just arrived in the mail today. i'll see if i can exchange it.

hopefully it'll come with 2.1 pre-installed so it saves me the $10 for the update :P

Boldy3691d ago

This new I-pod kinda reminds me of this video

Munky3691d ago

I always thought the 2ng generation ipods had a much sexier form factor then the current (squarish) ones.

Pain3691d ago

untill October to buy new toys.

How many rushed out for Back to School specials ?? yea.. thought soo.

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The story is too old to be commented.