Daily Mail Review: Too Human

Too Human arrived with a possibly unreasonable burden of expectation. The pre-release hype was immense and the anticipation correspondingly mighty.

Its arrival on shop shelves, at the end of a very long and boring summer, in terms of games releases, was greeted in some quarters with all the excitement of rain at the end of a drought.

And, at least to start with, it seems as welcome.

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GaintEnemyCrab4319d ago

What a fantastic game. What have you droids played all Summer?


Rick Astley4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

"Fantastic" games don't score 2/10 on Destructoid LMAO! We've been playing GOTY of 2008 all summer long. Hint: MGS4

What have YOU been playing?

Lost Odyssey = Flop
Tales of Vesperia = Flop
Infinite Undiscovery = Flop
Too Human = Flop

How many 360 exclusives are actually living up to the hype this year? None so far. Failble 2 is next and then Gears 1.5.

shadowghost7524319d ago

Mostly Heavenly sword and Uncharted, what about about you?

rakgi4319d ago

i gotta admit i really liked this game its really fun I'm new to the 360 just had it for 2 days so far but i'm loving the experience so far I only turned my ps3 on to ask my friends to gimme their gamertags....the 360 seems to have wrapped its spell around me just like this game did and I'm glad that i made the purchase ^_^ pswii60!!!!