The PS4 Pro Debut Was a Disaster (Pressurecast One-Hundred-Forty-Seven)

Sony’s Press Event Flops, Mario Jumps to iPhone, and Xbox One Wins Its Second Month in a Row.

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DigitalRaptor1902d ago

A "disaster" that gave us a console that was pretty much expected from the NEO leaks, and that is currently selling well on pre-orders and will continue to outpace the competition by far and large. The conference was boring but not sure where the "disaster" report is coming from.

superchiller1902d ago

It's just the usual clickbait garbage, best to just ignore it and move on.

NewMonday1902d ago

outside of the small unknown tabloid click bait websites the 4Pro reception has been consistently positive.

Aenea1902d ago

From some unknown site as well....

DrKarateChop1902d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Press event was terrible. Inspired no one. Arguably hurt the PS4 Pro reception.

I'd called that a disaster

Edit: hilarious. No one is defending the conference. Just attacking the podcast. Deep down you know it was boring and terrible.

1nsomniac1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

It certainly wasn't a disaster, I didn't even find it boring either. What got me was how horrible & tediously scripted the whole thing was.

It was as if no one who was talking or being interviewed had a clue what anything was & were just reading from the same script, full from top to bottom with reoccurring buzz words & cliches. Typical horrible corporate high-ups that try so hard to sell things that they don't understand.

Then It was as if they thought everybody watching was a complete moron & didn't see what was going on.

If you got rid of the people hosting it & just let the devs freestyle rant about their own games it would of been far better.

Lonnie181902d ago

Um it's time for Toyko Game Show not Playstation Meeting news...try to keep up guys!

OCEANGROWNKUSH1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

The console in its self is 100% fine, its exactly what we knew it would be. The problem was the reveal itself... Sony did not send a clear message, they spent too much time harping on 4k and HDR when they really needed to hammer down that this console isnt ONLY for players with 4k tvs. All games will be capable of running at better resoloutions and frame rates for EVERYBODY, regardless of your TV. The console is twice what it was and seems like everybody is losing sight of that fact because Sony sent a confusing message with the PS Meeting.

LP-Eleven1902d ago

I actually think Sony nailed the reveal. Showing exactly what needed to be shown. Improved games, 4K capabilities, HDR add-on, and so on. One can call the unveiling of it "boring". Okay. Wasn't the most exciting meeting (keyword, though). But as far as what needed to be shown to sell the product, they did NOT falter there (and the sales on several outlets - such as Amazon & GameStop (the two biggest, mind you), seem to back this up).


It wasnt that it was boring, although it was undeniably so... The problem was for all the details given over the 40 minute reveal, the message wasnt clear. They spent so much time on HDR & 4k that some people just arent getting that the console has benefits for people without those displays.

LP-Eleven1901d ago

I don't know. It's being pre-ordered quite well, so it looks like the message was clear enough.

OCEANGROWNKUSH1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Granted, but does not take away from the fact of the matter. The PS Meeting was not well received by any stretch of the imagination... This only served to confuse consumers as to why they would need or want the console, and set a bar (4k/hdr tv) that didn't need to be set. Early reports and general reception following the PS Meeting seemed to be one of overall confusion, a head scratching moment with Sony reverting back to old habits i thought they left behind in the last console generation.

Yes, the console is selling well. I have one preordered and will be upgrading, as i have a 4k HDR set that i think would benefit greatly from the PS4 Pro. As for people without a TV like that, most are left wondering why they would need such a console if they already own a base model PS4... Sony was out there slinging TV's and not the console it was supposed to be unveiling. While some people "got it" most people didn't, and that led to what i would consider a a bit of a stumble launching the PS4 Pro that caused a definite stall in Sony's momentum going forward. This coming from a lifelong fan of Playstation.

VideoGamesAreDumb1900d ago

Pre-orders on consoles don't always equate sales. Many people will put down some of the money just in case the console becomes scarce. Others pre order simply to resell. This is a follow up to a hot brand, which is why we're seeing it climb up the amazon charts.

But I question what happens after it comes out. I have faith that the PlayStation 4 remodel will do quite well, but the Pro still has to justify it's existence. SCE was unable to properly inform its audience to evangelize the console, and the rumors of paid patches afterwards have only further confused their audience. Frankly, it reminds me of 2013 and the Xbox one.

2pacalypsenow1902d ago

Wait so we get better performing games, native 4k (on some games) and its a flop? Yeah but go ahead and praise the Xbox one S because you can watch 4k Blu Rays that majority of people dont even use and brings nothing to the gaming aspect of the console smh

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