Top 8 Worst Video Game Weapons

There have been plenty of useless weapons throughout video game history. That one gun that you never use or that one item you never get rid of, because you think if everything else breaks you may need. here are in my opinion the worst weapons in video game history.

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mohib-uddin79865323693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Most FPS games win here

they have useless weapons you dont need

Xi3693d ago

each weapon had a purpose and was balanced.

some weapons were better against the flood then the covenant, some had useful secondary functions, some were better against vehicles, etc.

Close_Second3693d ago

...from the original Halo was a little too powerful but was rectified for Halo 2.

I have yet to play a mainstream FPS where sniping is a challenge. Apart from the one level in COD4 where they actually use wind and gravity to effect your shot. Otherwise its a direct line of sight no matter how large the map is.

JOLLY13692d ago

Seriously? This guys says that fps weapons are useless. Yet his favorite genre (rpg's) with 100's of weapons are completely useful. Wow, someone has really been hitting the bottle strong this morning. Next, the pistol in Halo CE was so awesome. It was the great equalizer. If you had the pistol, you had the "chance" to kill anyone.

Barreldragon003692d ago

Ya sniping is usually just a strait line but in a average FPS its just to fast to expect the player to deal with wind and gravity. But a great sniping game is "Sniper Elite" you shot is effected by gravity and wind just great game. Graphics are a little out dated but its still a hell of a lot of fun to play.

SeNiLe9113692d ago

My Tool of Destruction!

Alpha_Gamer3692d ago

Yes, that was a challenge, but far from realistic. It would take a hurricane to blow a .50 cal off course.

UnSelf3692d ago

Raziel Claws and wings were superfulous

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JOLLY13692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

The wooden sword fully upgraded was so awesome though!

Mattman3692d ago

It was once you upgraded it but was it really worth it?

JOLLY13692d ago

Watching, what is baically a tree, swinging around on screen was simply awesome. Besides, what else was I going to spend my money on. All of my weapons were completely upgraded.

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EastCoastSB3692d ago

The needler in Halo 3 is freaking badass. I go straight for it on smaller maps because of how powerful it is in close quarters.

Panthers3692d ago

I used it a lot in Halo1. On Legendary, since it homed, it was very useful. Every single elite on Legendary was like a boss so the needler came in handy.

poopface13692d ago

in LEgendary halo 1 SP I found the needler was a really powerful weapon. in halo 3 multiplyer its good too.

Altered_Soul3692d ago

The Klobb, even in Liscence to Kill mode, was chosen AFTER slappers...

God using the Klobb brings back nightmares, of me versus someone with the RCP90 in LTK...

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