Uncharted vs Tomb Raider – which game are you likely to choose?

In the red corner, we have the legend that is Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and in the blue corner sits the young challenger, Nathan ‘Nate’ Drake from Uncharted.

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Arbormist1960d ago

Likely to choose? Like from the point of view of a consumer that knows nothing about either game?... Isn't that subjective? Cocky boy vs dirty hot girl. Unless people look deeper, they are primarily on the surface the same experience.

Obviously with research very few would choose TR over U4 though, at least imo. And even more so once considering the dirty assed 3rd party gone timed exclusive deal. Greasy. Very greasy.

Majister-Ludi1960d ago

Don't care about exclusivity deals cuz I have everything. Myself and several friends prefer tomb Raiders more open approach but I know no one on this site agrees.

Aloy-Boyfriend1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Considering that U4 got a higher meta than TR, I'm sorry to tell you that not only people in "this site" will disagree, although there are several that choose TR over Uncharted, and that is fine. Still, that's a minority group compared to Uncharted, which has a bigger following.

I hated how TR reboot always tossed me in sandbox to going in circles to grab collecties. I gave up on that mid game and rushed to the end (I also would stop to raid tombs which was pretty cool). It ruined pace and distracted me from the plot. I hope that RoTR fixed that

I myself prefer the action approach on Uncharted and story. Uncharted 4 even got bigger and better. Driving my jeep in Madagascar and stopping to seek some treasure/collectible didn't ruin my pace or distracted me from the plot. I actually liked how ND expanded the levels and still retained the lineality to keep me focused on what is going on and the action.

mikeslemonade1960d ago

Both are meh. Give me TLoU!

marioJP871960d ago

Seeing as Tomb Raider has a movie with a known actress, I'd say non gamers would choose her first (i know lots of older people who arent gamers that have knowledge or TR from the movie) but most gamers would choose Drake without hesitation.

badz1491960d ago

I'd personally choose Uncharted. the New TR though, feels like a reactionary move to the success of Uncharted. nothing wrong with it and people say imitation is a form of compliment but the series kinda lost its roots in the process IMO. there's no more trace of the originals in the reboots and personally I kinda like the TR of old. that's why I like Anniversary, Legends, Underworld and even Temple of Osiris more than the Reboots

No Way1960d ago

XiKurapikaKurta - Meta scores really do not mean that much.. But, the rest of your comment I'm good with. :P

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littlezizu1960d ago

Playstation owners are the only one who have choice and can choose both, if they wanted. So winner is Playstation.

darthv721960d ago

I don't see why someone can't choose both. i mean UC4 has been out for some time on PS4 and you would think that it would already be picked up by fans of the series. RotTR is new to PS4 so that one will likely sell to the same fans of UC and the exploration type genre.

Master-H1960d ago

Uncharted, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't play a used copy of Tomb Raider when it releases later this year.

FreddyFazbear1960d ago

You can choose both. If your a playstation gamer

Gazondaily1960d ago

True. And if you haven't joined the boycott brigade.

Rhythmattic1960d ago

Im in the "not buying it new" boycott brigade. ;)

Speak_da_Truth1960d ago

I'm boycotting because there's no way i'm paying $60 for a year old game but I'll still play it when it's under $3o so I still have a choice sep.

jb2271960d ago

"The Boycott Brigade" will be the only thing that keeps TR 3 from launching as MS' big annual marquee timed exclusive in 2018. That's good for gamers all around. Good for PS fans that don't want to wait a year & good for MS fans that should be more interested in MS spending their money on true first party games that would've been unavailable otherwise. Sad that TR has to be the sacrificial lamb because I absolutely love the series, but I didn't make the rules I'm just helping to break them because they are pointless & anti-gamer.

I'll be renting the game at release so it doesn't count as a sale, then somewhere down the line I'll pick up a used copy. Really hoping Square makes the right decision for the next title...a lot of promise now that they got rid of Gallagher & the artist from Dead Space (easily one of my favorite franchises of last gen) will be heading it up while hopefully tweaking the formula a bit so it doesn't play like a carbon copy of its predecessors.

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