World of Warcraft: Legion - Review Portugal Gamers

Near the twelfth anniversary of World of Warcraft (WoW), Blizzard launched its sixth expansion, with the name of Legion. By name, it is not surprising that once again the heroes of Azeroth will have to fight off an invasion of the Burning Legion. What now for you let me and the vast expectant people to return to face a well-documented and former enemy of Azeroth.

As already happened, Blizzard previously launched a pre-expansion patch to connect the two expansions. In this, we were sent to Broken Isles, tomb where was imprisoned the avatar of Sargeras, which Gul'dan intends to use to prepare the new invasion of the Legion. Unfortunately, even with the united forces of the Alliance and the Horde could not prevent the invasion, leaving to large casualties for both, including the leaders of both factions. Kinematic, the lore and the deaths of major characters bring an epic sense of revenge and union, giving more power to the Alliance and the Horde, with its new leaders, to join and counter-attack the Legion.

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