Hands on with PS3 Network's six Midway arcade classics -

The coin-op arcade may be dead, but they live on in their original form on the Wii Virtual Console, Xbox Live, and finally making a debut on the PS3 Network. Six classic Midway games are PS3 bound as individual downloads: Mortal Kombat II, Rampart, Gauntlet, Joust, Championship Sprint, and Rampage World Tour. With the exception of the analog-adapted gameplay of the racing game, the experience is exactly what the hardware gamer wants -- responsive no-fuss classic joystick control with a few extra bells and whistles. Screenshots, impressions, launch details follow...

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Marty83705230d ago

Awesome,I used too love them midway arcade classics.

God of Gaming5230d ago

Have they added online play? Thats the only reason I buy some of the old games on LIVE.. being able to play Contra and others online is fantastic. Worth the price.

FordGTGuy5229d ago

thanks for announcing the next midway XBLA release :)