In Bloom: In Praise of Pikmin 3 - GamerBolt

GamerBolt: "While this was my first experience with the series, hopefully it won’t be my last – like the colourful little buggers for which it’s named, it would be great to see the Pikmin series continue to bloom and go from strength to strength in the future."

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Jourdy288862d ago

It's one of my favorite game franchises! I can't believe I haven't played the second game yet- I've only played the first and third. It's really unique, eh?

iplay1up2862d ago

I am picking up Pikmin 3, Nintendo selects so it is $19.99! Pikmin 4 should be finished, if not close. Bet N moved of to NX.

Ark_861d ago

Yeah, I hope the Pikmin rumour wasn't about that 3DS game ... Which is nice, but not what I exspected.

mad-dog861d ago

A gem that so many people missed out on.
Such great gameplay and level design.

blawren4860d ago

This was my first pikmin game as well. loved every minute of it.