Rumor Smash: No PC Version of Force Unleashed Planned

Well, that was quick. The rumor circulating this morning that a PC version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was on the way has been promptly shot down by a representative of Lucas Arts.

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HighDefinition3719d ago

Before the "rumor" story even got ONE approval.

EvilCackle3719d ago

It's nice when a game company's PR department is quick on the draw.

kittoo3719d ago

But after seeing how the game and demo was recieved, it doesnt matter much.

Charmers3719d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

yeah I don't think too many PC owners are crying about this one not being ported to the PC. As it stands there were only two console games I was interested in, GTA 4 and Force Unleashed. The PC is getting GTA 4 and from the reviews Force Unleashed sounds like a bit of a a dog, so I won't lose any sleep. I will just make sure I never giver lucasarts any of my money in the future.

EvilCackle3718d ago

I think it's the precedent that's the real problem. I mean Lucas Arts used to be such a huge developer for the PC - the "Jedi Knight" series, "TIE Fighter", the Monkey Island series, etc. Weird seeing Lucas Arts leave the platform behind.

Charmers3718d ago

well it isn't all that unusual. If memory serves there were quite a few star wars games last generation that didn't get ported to the PC. It was mainly down to the fact the game wouldn't have done well on the PC. I believe it is the same here. From what I have seen it is basically a hack and slash game they don't tend to sell on the PC so it won't get ported.

I was expecting more from Lucasarts I was expecting force unleashed to be the spiritual successor to the Jedi knight series. I guess they don't care about making great games any more and are content to just do shovel ware.

Shroomy3718d ago

It would look worse than it already is compared to all the good classic Star Wars games on the PC.

DeadlyFire3718d ago

I am disappointed this game didn't start out on the PC the end result would of been a much better game. I am glad it isn't on the PC now. PC still needs a new Jedi Knight game though.

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