Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 5.6 Patch Available

The 5.6 incremental unofficial patch for Bloodlines is now available, and changes include bug fixes.

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EvilCackle3693d ago

This game is a classic, as was Arcanum. It's too bad Troika went under.

MK_Red3693d ago

Agreed on Arcanium and this but the team isn't fully dead. Troika, along with the rest of ex Black Isle employees have formed Obsidian now who is working on Alpha Protocol and Aliens RPG.

EvilCackle3693d ago

Yeah, those folks are all still around making great games. Would really love to see sequels to either of those Troika games, though.

Sangria3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Vampire Bloodlines is maybe the only game with Soul Reaver i wish it would be Next-Gen-ized. That's an amazing game and i really hope for a sequel or at least a spiritual sequel, with the same Queen Of The Damned background.

marichuu3693d ago

Last time I checked, someone was trying to port it to the better working Source engine.