6 Reasons To Buy An 'Xbox One S' Instead Of A 'PS4 Pro'

For video games and the people who love to play them, 2016′s holiday season is the first since 2013 in which brand new video game consoles are being sold. Granted, these aren’t brand new in the same way the PS4 and Xbox One were brand new three years ago, but they do represent significant refreshes to both Sony and Microsoft’s gaming systems.

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Genuine-User2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Reads reason number 1: UHD blu-ray playback

Closes website. Faceplam.

Edit: to be clear and reasonably fair, I think some of the points are interesting and I don't disagree per se. But to start of with an optical drive is head scratching.

If you're in the market with a budget and don't care much about supersampling, higher framerates and enhanced graphics but need a UHD player, the Xbox One S might be a good fit for you.

If you don't care about Xbox One exclusives, UHD blu-ray playback and you're on a budget? PS4 Slim is a smaller, quieter and the more powerful option.

If you can spend a little a extra for enhanced features, there's only one option in the console space.

S2Killinit2391d ago

Hahaha yup. My sentiments exactely.

I think from a business standpoint Sony has essentially killed scorpio by releasing the PS4 Pro. Think about it, the PS4 Pro has the benefit of being novel for 2 reasons:
1) it has a bigger power gap against existing consoles at time of its release (2-3 times more powerful than the others) AND
2) it has the novelty of introducing VR to console gamers.

When scorpio releases, it will only be (roughly) 33% more powerful than other existing consoles. (For those that arent good at math the PS4 Pro, by comparison is between 200%-300% more powerful than existing consoles)
Also by that time console gamers will already be fimiliar with VR.

So, yeah i think PS4Pro is going to really staggnate the sales of scorpio.

UltimateMaster2391d ago

Yeah, failed article.
The Xbox One S can't even output 1080p for gaming "but it does 4k movies!"
It just makes all of us remember the launch of the Xbox One where it was all about TV! TV, TV! Kinect!! Kinect!! and DRM DRM DRM.
We rather just forget the console and just move on to the Scorpio.

Neonridr2391d ago

that makes no sense. If Scorpio released this fall too what would you say about the Pro? It has no competition so of course it looks great standing there by itself. Let's see how the landscape looks in 12-14 months when the Scorpio is here and we are comparing games side by side with the Pro.

The bottom line is the Scorpio will still be MORE powerful than the Pro. Comparing the Pro to the XB1 is simply ridiculous. That's like comparing the PS4 to the Xbox 360. Of course one is going to look better than the other.

S2Killinit2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

It does, read the comment more carefully.
Im just pointing out the fact that if a person wants to see a huge graphical leap, PS4Pro delivers that more than scorpio in over a year's time. By then people have seen things that make the scorpio a slight bump in graphics.

Im not saying scorpio isnt powerful. Although all we know is the "6tfps" claim.

darthv722391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Actually both have their pros and cons and would make worthy additions to any games entertainment center.

@s2... dude you are 'killin' everyone with the lather, rinse, repeat you keep spreading. Please stop, you aren't helping anything and only making other ps4 users look bad. Seriously...

@fenome... i am reminded back when ps3 released how many did not have hdtv to take advantage of the bluray but that didnt stop people from eventually getting one and some movies to enjoy on it.

Just because people dont have 4k tv now doesnt mean they never will. Especially since the Pro is designed for 4k. It just lacks one piece to really be the total entertainment package for 4k.

Instead of the diehard fans making excuses they should just admit this one mistake. Nobody will think lesser of them. They can still be a ps fan. I am and i think this one criticism is valid and other sony fans think so as well. Or at least they find it a very odd decision.

2391d ago
BossBattle2391d ago

That's stupid wishful thinking. The PS4 Pro hasn't killed the Scorpio. There's a very big anticipation for the Scorpio. Sony releasing the PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, and PSVR all at once is a mistake. All of those aren't going to sell well at the same time once Christmas passes. And also that's serously dividing the Sony consumer base releasing all those at once. To be honest the small difference you'll get in the Pro isn't worth the upgrade and money. Most PS4 owners know that. There's been a big backlash on the lacking specs and features of the PS4 Pro already. Whereas the Scorpio is a massive difference from the X1.

fenome2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

How many of you actually own a 4k tv right now, with a stack of 4k blurays to go along with it? Lets be real for a minute, I'm an early adopter with most tech but I've still put off on a 4k tv because it was hella expensive and there wasn't much content available.

I earn my money and my 60 inch samsung does just fine. I am looking to upgrade though and now that they're at a decent price I think I'll jump in.

A lot of people mock the Pro and praise Scorpio, but all they've toted is base specs without really showing anything otherwise, it's not going to be cheap and it's not coming out until the 3rd part of this gen. Are you ready to pay next gen prices for this gens consoles?

Unless gens are just getting phased out by consoles now and they're just going to start releasing "upgrades" from here on out. If that's the case then why even get a Scorpio? All their games are going to PC now, you're better off just getting a tower and updating cards than buying a whole new console.

I'm all for upgrades, but mid gen switch-ups are new, we'll just have to see what happens. I'm just here for the games.

alb18992391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

So, in every article about this, you gays are copy and pasting the same as if like that you will convince everyone of your reasons.
The Pro was first than Scorpio. Scorpio is a reaction of MS, product of the competition which we get all the benefits.
The only reason of the existence of the Pro is the PSVR. Sony was in a good and comfortable place but wanted to hit first with VR and the ps4 isn't strong enough so it happens.
MS made a very intelligent move.....I don't know why is so hard to recognize, MS put in a in an uncomfortable situation SONY BECAUSE, let's face it, the xoneS is a really good choice and the Scorpio is really a monster.
Some of you think that the Pro makes more impact but how? Remember that HDR was here with the xoneS and now with the ps4. The Pro doesn't support native 4K and doesn't have uhdbd as the xoneS.
The Scorpio will support native 4K and more choices for VR.....and more powerful choices too.
The way it should be was Sony just releasing the Slim with the features of the xoneS and in a year release the VR with a very powerful console.
Some of you think that the Scorpio will be the most powerful console for just one year but do you really think is good for you and for SONY to buy/release a ps4 then in two years a slim and a pro and then in one or two a ps5?

Jaw1love2391d ago

Holy shit dude are you just going to copy and paste the same thing into every article on here. I mean I get that it took you like 5 hours to write those few paragraphs and you're super proud but slow your roll a little

conanlifts2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Oops double reply, so i deleted this comment.

thejigisup2391d ago


...and the psvita is stronger than the gameboy... the ps4 is stronger than the ps3, they didnt release at the same time, i think thats the point

2391d ago
2391d ago
fenome2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

@Mixdup because you replied to me...

That was actually a different format though, I don't see your point. HD DVDs or Bluray... HD dvds went the way of the dodo, along with cassettes and 8tracks. Bluray is standard, no question about that.

I get sucked into this shit, I don't care if you wanna wait it out and get scorpio, cool, do that. I hate that we feed off this crap anyways. Did we forget about games in this pissing contest?

This is why I hardly comment anymore. I still have my Super Nintendo and boot that bitch up now and then. I don't care about the 'specs', I'm a gamer.

I don't care if you play on xbox, playstation, pc, atari, genesis or whatever. Everybody just seems to hate on shit lately and I guess I'm jaded. There's just so much cool stuff going on right now though in our industry and everybody just tries to bring everything down, it just doesn't make sense to me.

Anyways....rant over

dantesparda2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

"6 Reasons To Buy An 'Xbox One S' Instead Of A 'PS4 Pro"
1. None
2. None
3. None
4. None
5. None
6. None

Unless you want a vastly inferior experience. Forbes is crazy and stupid and nobody should take this disillusioned rag seriously.

I see all you dumb typical fanboys think there will be a tangible difference between the pro and the Scorpio, prepare to be let down, and even worst you people actually believe that the Scorpio will be a true a 4K machine at only 6 AMD TF (in other words, weak!). Prepare to wait 14 extra months for nothing. The differences wont even be noticeable.

mikeslemonade2391d ago

One reason why your opinion is disqualified and wrong.

Xbox has no exclusives.

Ju2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I totally agree with you. When people are "underwhelmed" today, MS needs a miracle to sell the 33% as ground breaking new. Especially if we will have seen 4K games running for over a year by then. Even if it will look better, which I don't doubt.

butchertroll2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )


Quote :
If Scorpio released this fall too what would you say about the Pro?

Would you buy a Scorpio at 699$ at least if Scorpio comes out this fall, hm?

s45gr322391d ago

If Scorpio delivers NATIVE 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Then no, but the Xbox One S for a measly $300.00 plus tax offers:

UHD blu-ray disc support 😎
MOD support
Backwards compability

So, I am scratching my head here; the only advantage the PS4 Pro has is VR . So in many gamers eyes not fanboys, the xbox one slim is the better option of the two. Unless of course, they want VR.

Yes it says 4K but we all know is UPSCALE 4K resolution not NATIVE.

Me I will still play on PC. But the PS4 Pro is underwhelming

strifeblade2390d ago

you know your pretty bad at math. the scorpio is 50% more powerful than the ps4. 6tflops vs 4tflops. 1.5 times greater than ps4. The damage control here is unreal lol

Yetter2390d ago

Holy crap dude, how many articles are you going to post the exact same comment on?

JustGamin852390d ago

Honestly i have no idea what i will end up doing. Always had a Sony since Ps1 and upwards and while i did buy the OG xbox that was the last console that i owned from MS. Heres the kicker while the PS4 Pro is a nice upgrade to current model i cant deny that Scorpio is not playing around and 33% more power is nothing to dismiss. At the end of the day im stuck with do i build a pc (which will be my 1st one), or get a ps4 pro or just stick with what i already have and get a scorpio and enjoy owning a ps4 and a scorpio. Of course i may very well hold off on upgrading and save up the money for a 4k tv... lol

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Gazondaily2391d ago

Some of the other reasons were mod support and BC JUST in case you were interested.

Pro's real competitor is the Scorpio. Whilst the UHD blu-ray playback or lackthereof for the Pro is something for some movie enthusiasts etc to consider, it will have a year to itself.

I am intrigued to see what kinda results the Digital Foundry comparisons will showcase next year. How big will the actual difference be? Can Scorpio do native 4k? That's where the real comparison starts 😁

S2Killinit2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

No the real comparison will start in reality where we actually have two real consoles to compare.

Then when the claimed specs of scorpio actually take form of an existing console, and we find out exactely how long from now it will arrive, THEN we can compare scorpio with PS4Pro. Not yet.

Eonjay2391d ago

The DF comparisons will start immediately and not next year so basically Xbox will get slayed for another full year at least. Then it will get more interesting because even if both machines are outputing 4k most people sitting at their computers wont.even be able to see 4k... just a compressed likeness. We know this because the team already said that they can't properly convey the Pro's visuals to us. Therefore we need a new medium for 4k clips and comparisons. Its a little frustrating not being able to 'see'it.

2391d ago
FamilyGuy2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Is anyone concerned about how big the Scorpio is going to be? I mean its actual, physical size.

The PS4 Pro is bigger than the standard PS4 because the extra power causes more heat so it needs better cooling. Wouldn't that cause a more powerful console to be even bigger? 6Tf, 12Gb RAM. I just imagine it's gonna be this big, clunky, expensive, hot, loud machine. One of my biggest reasons for not getting into gaming on a PC is the size/aesthetics, price, heat and power consumption that all grow in tandem the more powerful you make it.
Scorpio might really look like a PC.

Markusb332391d ago

Why is everyone comparing a spec list to a console that doesn't exist yet ? When Scorpio does come out it may not be when they originally said. Plus it's next gen can't anyone see this ? The price will be high no where near ps4 pro. Scorpio is next gen with bc they are starting again. No point in comparing the 2 at all. Intersted to see how high the price is of Scorpio but it's a generation jump not a mid generation boost.

Skillz12152391d ago

so if a game is garbage but can do 4k it is automatically good? Great logic there fan boY!!!!Sony has exclusives MS ehh well....can you help me here?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2390d ago

Scorpio hasn't even been put up for pre-order yet so the PS4 Pro currently has no competition and won't have any for an entire year.

SonyAddict2390d ago

Dood I have a 1000 pound gaming rig and that haves a hard time with 1080p never mind 4k lol keep dreaming

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fanboysmackdown2391d ago

You just keep showing your true fanboy colors every article don't you?

ScorpionKing2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

TBH they dropped the ball by not releasing it with a UHD blu-ray playback. It makes no sense.

Xbox will end up winning this generation, just like sony did with the PS3 near the end.

MrEnglish2391d ago

But the PS3 and it's Blu-ray drive was an awesome addition...... and many of you used that system as your primary media center....

Just repeating what most one console owners say and said.


2391d ago
N4Flamers2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I'm buying a ps4p but I think it's a bone headed decision to exclude the uhd blueray player. This coming from the same company that pushed blueray on us is baffling. It makes the ps4p underwhelming. The kick in the face is that your crappy competition can do something you can't. It lessens the experience.

eferreira2390d ago

A lot has changed since 2007. Why would they push a dying format

2391d ago
GamingIVfun2391d ago

How this dumb article made me decide to buy a PS4 pro.

s45gr322391d ago

The Scorpio ( enhanced features and power in the console space).

2391d ago
OB1Biker2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Forbes : Play movies on expensive discs > 3x more power to play games

2390d ago
bicfitness2390d ago

People sorely underestimate the benefit of launching first, too. The 360s entire trajectory was determined by its early launch over the PS3. No one wants to wait a year for the promise of more power. That's absurd. Consumer demand and markets don't work that way. Only the most dedicated fanboys will hold their breath that long.

PS4 Pro is gonna sell like hotcakes. Still, it's funny to see the faithful console warriors showing their true colors at the first sign of perceived--not real--weakness. Both sides are equally embarrassing, though it's the Xbox ones causing the circus atm. When the dust settles, the holiday will end with the PS4 having absolutely trounced the competition. MS's magical mystery box sizzle reel won't do anything to change that. In fact the X1 is still down YoY despite a "record breaking" hardware refresh.

NeoGamer2322390d ago

So if UHD is not important to you why would you even consider a PS4 Pro?

It plays all the same games as a PS4 but does so at a higher resolution. It is not designed to change gameplay. It is only designed to make things look better and run a bit smoother.

I think that not including a UHD Blu-ray is a massive over sight. The purpose of PS4 Pro is to support 4K for games. A secondary reason why many people buy a console is for the Blu-ray playback. If you have a 4K TV and are looking at buying a console it makes sense that you'd but a console with 4K Blu-ray.

NecoTehSergal2390d ago

Not to mention, Sony is the brand name that customers know usually push the newest media player. PS1 to CD-ROMS, PS2 to DVD's and PS3 to Blu-ray. PS4 didn't do it, but casual-consumers likely won't understand or even think that Xbox S is 'a cheaper UHD/4K blu-ray player' - Because? PS1/PS2/PS3 at the time were Cheaper CD/DVD/Blu-ray players than the Players-standalone, which helped drive sales.

Xbox S, if they try to boast that it has UHD as a strongpoint? Guess what. No one will care enough, only the hardcore fanboys will flaunt it, but the Majority won't care. As, NPD shows of course that only 8% of Americans/North Americans own 4K TV's, so not enough can take advantage of a 4K blu-ray player. So? The drawback will be Xbox/Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot by advertising technology that's not yet ready. They're probably praying to be the ones to help push the media format and 4K TV's to help grow their console. Problem? Xbox S has to be more expensive than a standalone player. It's going to be more expensive than PS4 Pro, and because of this? PS4 Pro will beat it in sales. I'll bet everything on this analysis.

Xbox S is going to be a beefed up console that also has UHD Blu-ray? The price HAS to be higher than $399, Microsoft is going to have to bite the bullet and either sell it dirt-cheap and lose a lot of money per-unit - or sell it expensive and try to break even - but at the cost of pulling a PS3's "$599 US DOLLARS" moment and? Killing themselves of any chance of having success with Scorpio, Cause a cheap $399 PS4 Pro, that pricetag will be more persuasive to casual consumers than Xbox's campaign and perks for Xbox S.

AndreR2390d ago

its not strange at wanted to keep the price down and if ps4 pro would have a UHD blu-ray player inside then it would cost more. The playstation 4 is not a movie player its a gaming machine. i dont care about watching movies on my console.

MrEnglish2390d ago

Oh really, so I guess all you guys who say "it's a gaming machine, not a movie player " won't be streaming anything neither..... no Netflix, no Amazon, no Hulu because after all its for games only right?

vegasgamerdawg2390d ago

You can't understand the order, your order would be better. A lack of an option baffles you as to why that's a negative. Go off topic talking about the PS4 slim. You might be a fanBOY! Wow! Thanks for playing, great rant.

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Sexius Maximus2391d ago

This is in NO WAY a PS4P bashing article.

Two things:
1) All six reasons are factual. Whether they are important to each individual is up for debate, but the points are valid.
2) There is PLENTY of praise for the PS4P in the article. It mentions it's better hardware numerous times.

Wouldn't be surprised if Forbes is working on another article entitled "6 reasons to buy a PS4P."

yomfweeee2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

They are stretching the truth on some of those things.

Counting the MCC as 4 games?
PSN has not been down more than Live in the past year.

darthv722391d ago

You mean there aren't 4 games in the MCC? I guess the Nathan Drake collection isnt 3 games either?

Just because the package may be one piece, the content on it can be multiple. That just makes it more bang for the buck.

yomfweeee2391d ago

A game you can get for $7 standalone, but somehow it is a big deal it is in the bundle.

babadivad2391d ago

Both of those statements are true. MCC is 4 games in one. And PSN is generally less stable the Xbox Live.

aconnellan2391d ago

What? MCC is quite literally 4 games - Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4. Every campaign, full multiplayer, the works (plus Halo 3 ODST, so technically 4 and a half).

Like another commenter said, that's the same as calling the Nathan Drake collection 1 game instead of 3.

You can argue the number of outages between PSN and XBL all day because there's actually an argument there to be had, but calling MCC 1 game? You can do better

GamingIVfun2391d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

@ yomfweee

Halo Master Chief collection is 4 games you can buy for 15 to 20 bucks, Halo 4 is 15 to 20 bucks, referring to value for purchase, the games include with Xbox One S are worth 30 to 40 bucks, probably less. I am Agreeing but giving an explanation.

@ darthv72 and @babadivad

Nearly every multi player game that comes out on Xbox LIve has serious problems at release, all the Gear of War Games, Halo The Master Chief collection, hell even Uno played terrible on Xbox Live, and Neverwinter has more lag than the PS4 version. Xbox Live has never been the Gold standard as far as I'm concerned. I have been with Xbox Live since the beta, Microsoft gave me the Xbox Live anniversary console for being a beta tester. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about.

The point with the games is that they can be bought very cheaply, get it .

2390d ago
yomfweeee2390d ago

Hey guys, I know MCC has 4 games in it. But apparently you don't get my point. If you want to compare system bundles, you can't act say something like "the MCC X1 Bundle has 3 more games than the UC4 PS4 bundle" and act like that is a reason to get the X1. That's completely misleading. It is a single X1 game and it is literally only worth $7.

CDkeys has it for $8.29 right now and it has been below $7 in the past week.

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2390d ago
NotEvenMyFinalForm2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Something people keep forgetting about because of their outrage about Uhd Bluray is that the original PS4 still play games at higher resolution and better performance than the Xbone S. And not to mention that currently the PS4 still has more high rated games too! Which is the reason people buy consoles, to play games you know.

PistolsAtDawn2391d ago

Maybe they forget that because it's the exception and not the norm....and even on my 4k Samsung 70in tv....very rarely has it made much of a difference. I still do all my multiplat gaming on X1 instead (yes now an S), simply because X1 has a better UI, Controller, and Network IMO (and even exclusives...this gen PS exclusives have been a let down no matter how much Metacritic has been skewed by fanboys). NEVER ONCE have I been playing a multiplat game on X1 and thought....."man but the PS4 version is a higher res". Side by side you have to TRY and notice 99% of the time....even then it's nothing to brag about. That's why I hope with Pro/Scorpio they don't try to push 4k games, but just more solid 1080p/60fps games with more effects/AI. Right now games like UC4 skimped HEAVILY on AI and gameplay to make it LOOK great...which I guess fits into the style of game it is, but the AI was utterly two gens ago stupid.

I normally pride myself on getting every console of the big three every gen, but honestly right now I don't see what would make me want to get a Pro...and it's sad that it's comparisons are against the Slim...there SHOULD be no comparison between the two....but then again, I suppose comparing it to Scorpio kills the narrative people are trying to push to show PS is "still king". At least right now X1 can say it's better than PS4 in certain areas even if sometimes it's at a lower res/fps. X1 can still say it has what is widely known as the best controller in the industry, a better more robust UI (with MUCH more support), and MUCH MUCH MUCH better network. When Scorpio releases and goes against Pro...there won't be a SINGLE ASPECT of gaming where the Pro is better, it will lose in EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY. Sony USED to be the king of exclusives, this gen they typically fall short, and the only have one worth playing each year. Pro will have the inferior network, controller, UI, VR options (and no AR option) and now won't even play multiplats better (meaning that maybe series' like COD will jump ship again).

If MS decides to take a loss and sell the Scorpio at the same price as Pro, it would be devastating to Sony. Scorpio is rumored to be using Zen processors, with 12 gbs of Ram and 6.2+ Teraflops of GPU true, power and res aren't everything...I completely agree with that being as X1 is my lead console this gen, but that was ALL PS4 had in it's favor (again, don't let fanboy skewed Metacritc reviews fool you).

Strange_Evil2391d ago

I look at your points and it seems like a long post by a user who is salty and trying to console himself that his purchase is better than the competitor.

Your main points:
1) Better Controller: Subjective. It doesn't matter to me personally. I would get a better looking game on a PS4 as opposed to a worse looking/running game if the controller preference was the last thing I had to consider.
2) Better UI: PS4's UI is more snappier IMO.
3) Better Network: Please. This is 2016 and both have equally good network services. This is not the PS3 era. You could say that you have friends on XBN and hence it you better for YOU, but saying the service is straight out better is a lie.
3) Xbox has better Exclusives: Again subjective. Popular vote is that PS4 has better exclusives year on year and I agree with it. There is nothing on the Xbox that comes close to UC4 or Bloodborne IMO. There I said it. Also how is Metacritic 'fanboy skewed'. You do know that metacritic is averages of all critics. By definition it is not fanboy skewed since it it the averages. Seriously did you really mean that? Cause if you did, that is really stupid.

Don't even get me started on the whole Scorpio will own the market. Scorpio is still a year out with no release date in sight or even a price range at this moment. If Sony came out next E3 and revealed that a PS4 Pro 2 is coming out the next fall as they are moving to a 2 year cycle with 8TFLOPS power, then I wouldn't be shocked and that doesn't mean the end of Scorpio. They are iterating faster like smartphones.

The thing that matters this gen is that the base consoles will need support which means that devs are gonna support a console with the most market share and PS4 already has a massive lead on that front. With PS4P launching a year earlier, by the time Scorpio drops, PS4P will have a massive lead as well.

GrubsterBeater2391d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

You can't tell the difference between 720p/900p and 1080p on a 70" 4K Samsung TV?!

That's how I KNOW you are lying, and how I know you don't actually own a PS4. If you did, then you would be blown away by the difference of the two. Stop lying, we all know you are a XBOX fanboy, and that statement was ridiculous.

There is so much fanboy and delusion in the rest of your post, that I am at a loss for words. I don't think there is any logical reasoning that could help you understand how wrong everything you said is. You are a fanboy though, so I don't expect you to see things in reality, you just see things in a way that makes the XBOX not seem any worse than PS.

moegooner882391d ago

We can see your comments history. Try harder next time.

Sparta072391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

You forgot to say your opinion.
Cause I highly disagree.
The fact is games on the the PS4 looks better then anything on Xboxone. If you have a4k tv you would know that. It's also a fact that PS4P is the strongest console out now. Don't understand why you bringing up Scorpio. is not even out yet, won't be out for almost two years. You just sound upset.
I don't understand why is power so important all of a sudden?
I thought it didn't matter?
If you have a 4K tv the PS4p is the console to own.

KwietStorm_BLM2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

If you can't see the difference on a 4K 70" TV, may I advise you to return it for a different unit if you're still in the grace period. It's apparent even before you start making comparisons to different platforms.

DarXyde2391d ago

You think Uncharted 4 skimped on the AI?

Play it on Crushing and get midway through the game. The first, what, 10 chapters are barely primers for the sudden difficulty ramp-up.

As for not letting "fanboy skewed Metacritic reviews fool you", well, I can honestly say that your suggestion is a little counter-intuitive. I'm pretty sure I thoroughly enjoyed Bloodborne, Ratchet, Uncharted 4, Disgaea 5, Final Fantasy Type-0, inFamous Second Son (though it's a bit repetitive) and Odin Sphere Leifthrasir...and I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy Ni-Oh, Gravity Rush 2, The Last Guardian, Dragon Quest XI, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Persona 5.

There are also games on Xbox One I'd like, but two come to mind (Forza Horizon 3 and Scalebound). It's not a bad console at all, but it's certainly not my first choice. People don't need to consult Metacritic. There are apparently people who loved No Man's Sky and The Order: 1886, despite their reception. There are people who loved Quantum Break, despite its reception. I don't think anyone is basing their purchase decisions on Metacritic. More likely than not, they're basing it on the game itself. That said, I'm pretty sure PlayStation games are just better enjoyed. It isn't about fanboyism or media bias. It's about the experience and, if you ask me and plenty of other gamers, PlayStation delivers time after time. Sony has continued success with PlayStation because the software is on point and, surprise, it attracts gamers.

Save the Metacritic fanboy theories, mate.

PS- unless Xbox Live has changed substantially in the last 2-3 years, I wouldn't say it's "MUCH MUCH MUCH" better than PSN. It's better, but "MUCH MUCH MUCH" is the difference between Wii U's network and Xbox Live. I wouldn't even say Live is much better. I'll concede that it is definitely better...but you exaggerate.

thejigisup2391d ago

It wouldn't be devastating to Sony at all, sony hasn't even announced their new next gen console, meanwhile the scorpio is already on the table, sony has such a major lead in terms of install base right now i couldnt fathom what ms can do to reverse that in a single gen, this is all on the advent of PSVR. which MS doesn't even count as a contender in the console vr space. Sony has that market cornered for now. when scorpio releases you'll be comparing a next gen console with a mid gen optional upgrade, hardly a great comparison to make. but whatever makes the ms fans happy.

Masta Kaos2391d ago

Once you start typing a essay to explain something simply means youz a fanboy....Stop explaining and just say you love Xbox instead of beating around the bush like a poem.

_-EDMIX-_2390d ago

Some of the biggest issues with your post is this strange assumption that what you see as these amazing positives will somehow turn things around if all these things are true about the Xbox One, is there a reason why PlayStation 4 is still selling better?

Consider lots of what you just listed are not necessarily exclusive to slim or even Scorpio they're merely things that you like about the Xbox one but those things existed since the company released the platform if those things are not making it sell better than the PlayStation 4 I'm not entirely sure why you believe that having more power will suddenly make it sell better.

candystop2390d ago

"It's also a fact that PS4P is the strongest console out now"

I wasn't aware that the PS4P already released.

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EpicSandwich2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Xbox One s upscales to 4k. The original ps4 doesn't.

Slim doesn't either

ecchiless2391d ago

/facepalm.... the original xbone neither so?

Strange_Evil2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

An upscaled Xbox 720P/900P game on a 4KTV looks worse than a native 1080P PS4 game upscaled by my Samsung 4KTV. Infact 1080P scales better to 4K since 3840x2160 pixels / 1920x1080 pixels = exact 4x scaling whereas a variable resolution which most XB1 games use doesn't have perfect scaling (not to mention less pixels being rendered).

The upscaler isn't doing anything fancy. It is replicating pixels and it doesn't make much difference if that upscaler is in your console or in the TV. Any decent 4KTV will have an inbuilt upscaler for 1080P content.

leoms2391d ago

But the OG Xbox One does?