110° - Preview: Nioh Beta Demo Impressions

Pure Playstation Writes: "Nioh has been on our collective radar for a while now. Following in the footsteps of Team Ninja‘s previous series, Ninja Gaiden, and taking more than a little influence from fellow Japanese developer From Software’s Dark Souls games; Nioh has all the hallmarks of the kind of sleeper hit we just love to see come West."

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P_Bomb1744d ago

Looking forward to what they show at TGS

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1744d ago

The alpha and Beta was packed to the brim with content and replayability and that was just a tiny fraction of the game. The full game is going to consume my life. I am looking forward to the full game so much.

opinionated1744d ago

Easily my most anticipated game. I hope it releases this year. It took me the entire length of the alpha and beta to get those 2 DLCs but I did it and had a fucking blast doing it.

Domoleary1743d ago

Thanks for the comments guys. I totally agree, looking forward to TGS!