AceGamez Preview - Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

James Hamblin Writes:

" For a time it must have seemed to members of the PS2 generation that the saturation bombing of their consoles with World War II games was never going to end. Then, almost overnight, everything went silent. The new, modern systems everyone was buying for their homes had a new breed of modern shooters to go with them, and not many people seemed to see any future in the past anymore. Not many people apart from Gearbox Software that is, but Brothers in Arms always was different.

Considering the natural drama of its events, it's something of a surprise that Hell's Highway is the first time a videogame has focused completely on Operation Market Garden; perhaps other developers prefer a pick and mix of victorious moments rather than one of the largest failures of the war. In September of 1944, the Allied forces launched the largest airborne invasion in the history of the world, dropping 35,000 men into Holland to help drive a corridor through the country straight to Germany. Instead of the second rate German forces they expected to encounter however, they were met by some of the Nazi's top units and suddenly found themselves cold, wet, tired, scared and a long way from home."

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