Painful Lessons

One of the newest sites out there devoted to EVE Online is EVE-Mag. While some of EVE-Mag's articles are written by and for experienced players of the game, they're also covering topics of interest to newer EVE players as well.

Sam Guss (writing as "Malori Veneer") has a column called 'EVE Newb' where he chronicles his experiences, both good and bad, in EVE as he finds his way forward:

"The past couple of days have been painful for me as a newb pilot. At 3 months old as a player and a month old as a character, the last couple of days have been a harsh reality check for me. Good news is that despite the last couple of days I still feel as strong about the game of Eve as I have since the beginning and despite the hurt, still enjoy the game. This article is about warnings to other newbs, and how to avoid the mistakes I've made. Please note, I only offer these warnings to newbs, as they may or may not apply to more senior players."

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