Why Super Mario Run is an exciting moment for mobile and premium games

Last night, Apple gave a prime spot on their press conference to a premium game.

The above is a statement with caveats, of course. The nuance of 'free-to-start' vs. true premium is debatable, for starters. And more importantly, this was not just any premium game.

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Lonnie182810d ago

It's really not, just a cash grab move!


That Time Princess Peach Enslaved Toads in the Mushroom Kingdom

Princess Peach. Beloved royalty of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the constant damsel in distress that sets the tone for most Super Mario games. However, there is a darkness in this one, and she is not all smiles, pink hearts, and expensive parasols. No, no. She is not quite what she seems.

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Why Nintendo’s Move To Mobile Gaming Is A Great Thing For Fans

Many immediately found the negativity of Nintendo's approach to mobile gaming, but The Never Yak thinks that the move is actually a positive one for both Nintendo and gaming in general.

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Nerdmaster1150d ago

I really liked Mario Run's model. Pay once, unlock everything.
Unfortunately, people prefer to be whales, so Nintendo saw real money lies in microtransactions and gacha mechanics. So now I feel less and less excited for each new mobile game they announce.

1150d ago
BattleCat1150d ago

Paid positive propaganda article by Nintendo. That's the spirit :)


Is Nintendo Ruining Mario on Mobile

Nintendo was too protective of the Mario brand to top mobile revenue charts with Super Mario Run, so it's trying to change that with Dr. Mario World and Mario Kart Tour. But is it working?

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1708d ago
AK911708d ago

No it's ruining Ninty as a brand just stick to Switch games.