Sony and Bethesda Fail to Reach Agreement on Game Mods

It would appear that Sony has dealt a damaging blow to its Playstation 4. By refusing to allow mods for either Fallout 4 or Skyrim the gaming giant has effectively alienated a segment of its market. Whether this choice effects console sales has yet to be seen. However, with this happening in the midst of a mid generation …

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CrimzonRazor2863d ago

come on Sony this is another poor choice open up cross play, get mods, and beef up the neo/pro power before you release it.

extermin8or2863d ago

Judging from what evs have said on neogaf (remember if you can demonstrate your source to mods they ban you there) it wasn't so much sony's choice. But that Sony wanted a certain degree of vuration- only mods that would actually work would appear, nothing that would get them in shit for hosting copyright infringing material on their servers, nothing that'd crash your ps4 or potentially damage/brick it etc.. Bethesda refused to do this thus.... No mod support.

Master of Unlocking2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Exactly. Also, the guy who wrote the article is full of sh!t when he says Sony has a history of being more tight with gamers, he doesn't remember the mod support for the PS3 edition of Unreal III when the 360 version didn't have it? Or the custom animated themes on the PS3? Oh the removal of Linux, right, but what happened before that? If a little punk, who may just have been a MS fanboy and sony hater for all we know, hadn't hacked the PS3 using Linux it would still be available on Playstation to this day.

Anyway, when you further read "If you are an Elder Scrolls or Fallout fan I suggest against waiting this one out. Your best option is buying an XBox One. If anything the timing is perfect. The Xbox One has received significant price cuts as of late. You can find the orignal XBox One starting as low as $250. If 4k is more your thing then the XBox One S can be yours for as little as $300. So what will you do? Will you remain happy with your Xbox One purchase? Jump ship from Sony to Microsoft?" it's so obvious it's another one of those biased "journalist" trying to sell xbox consoles, like I said in a previous article.

Bansai2863d ago

Expecting QA on mods is virtually impossible just by a sheer volume of their income, Bethesda would probably need to hire a whole team just for that. It's a stupid decision on Sony's part in my opinion.

So what if my game would crash? It also works like that on PC, you take good with the bad, some mods are crappy and you try and install only those with stellar ratings.

This decision is beyond me and I'm really pissed about it, I platinumed Fallout 4 on PS4 and was looking foward to altering my experience in some future playthrough.

n4rc2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

With a name like that, your opinion on ps3 Linux is kinda funny..

It wasn't some punk or fanboy.. it was geohot, the same guy that jailbroke the iphone and wasn't malicious. (Illegal maybe lol)

But the fact you think anyone that doesn't praise Sony is working for Microsoft is pretty pathetic if you really believe that

freshslicepizza2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

so it is true, people will defend whatever decision they make about anything and not allow the actual consumer to decide. cross play with other consoles, no external hard drive support, no ultra bluray player on the ps4 pro, no mod support, no ea access...

NecoTehSergal2863d ago

b-b-but it's easier to blame Sony for everything! Even though straight from Bethesda's mouth they said, they wanted to make it so people could "upload anything and everything and have the freedom to do so" - but what that means is extra work on Sony's part that they just I guess aren't ready for. Sony is also likely paranoid about gateways that are opened that could leave PS4 vulnerable to exploitation like Linux did on PS3. I don't blame them if they felt that way, PS4 is a very secure console, Xboxs' have been notoriously easy to mod and crack all the time. Remember when a FIFA game on the Xbox enabled hackers to steal credit card information? Loopholes happen with poor security and exploitation of such things.

I'd bet someone would find a way to make it so an upload could have an injection or open up a loophole to get into things that no one should normally have access to.

CrimzonRazor2862d ago

Cant be ms has rules about copyright and damage like your saying yet they still have mod support, there is something more to this and my guess would be sony wanted money (remember when steam wanted to make money off skyrim mods and the poo hit the fan)

Yetter2862d ago

And yet they are working just fine on XB1. If this is the actual reason then Sony f'd up.

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Sevir2863d ago

I honestly don't care, I don't like Skyrim and I never got into the fallout franchise.. this isn't effecting me.. mid support isn't be all end all.

NecoTehSergal2863d ago

Hardware just don't get quick revisions like that..... it doesn't work like that. The RAM and CPU can't change or else optimization and porting between PS4 Regular and Pro would be crippled and increasingly difficult. The GPU could get a bit of a better boost but, what Sony did is plenty. The pricetag being how it is is more important. If you want more power? Get a PC, that, or get the Xbox Scorpio, cause it'll be stronger, but the price may not be what everyone expects.

leoms2862d ago

OR you could wait for an official statement from Sony before jumping the gun... hmm?

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GamingIVfun2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Ain't going to make any difference, wishful thinking. The guy that wrote the article made up his mind before this even came up. He's Just trying to sell Xbox Ones.

MajorsNelson2863d ago

So you think this is cool from sony?

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Master of Unlocking2863d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

This is not cool from Bethesda to demand Sony accept ALL AND ANY MOD on the PS4...

geddesmond2863d ago

No its not cool by Sony if there reasons ain't legit. I'm still waiting for there response first. Two sides to every story. But it's still not enough to ever support ms over them. In my eyes ms have done much worse over the years

deathtok2863d ago

This is in Bethesda's court to put some level of quality control on mods. I'm surprised they haven't created an automated certification that stress tests the game engine.

Sony likely doesn't want the console crashing. Many will assume it's the PS4 not the mod which will drive support tickets.

Utalkin2me2863d ago


Do you think releasing a totally unplayable experience in Skyrim at launch on the PS3 is cool by Bethesda?

Silly gameAr2863d ago

Your name is MajorsNelsons. Nothing Sony does would be cool with you. This blog is obviously trying to sell xbox consoles, like most of these blogs on N4G lately, and they blow everything out of proportion to do it.

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ShaunCameron2863d ago

Nah. He's more trying to promote PC gaming. He just said mods.

GamingIVfun2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Did you read the article

From article:
If you are an Elder Scrolls or Fallout fan I suggest against waiting this one out. Your best option is buying an XBox One. If anything the timing is perfect. The Xbox One has received significant price cuts as of late. You can find the orignal XBox One starting as low as $250. If 4k is more your thing then the XBox One S can be yours for as little as $300.

I suggest going back and reading the whole thing.

It's an fanboy selling Xbox One's

It's pretty much common knowledge Todd Howard favors MIcrosoft even though fallout 4 sold better on PS4.
We haven't heard from Sony or know the whole story. From what I have read, Sony wanted to verify mods themselves, Instead of leaving it up to Bethesda. Makes sense you want to make sure there is no malicious code, that it won't crash the system, and that they don't infringe on someone else's intellectual property. Can't blame Sony for being extra protective, Mods are risky and they are being created on PC's. Can't blame Sony, Bethesdas games are buggy as hell at release and that's with a game engine that's not that impressive.

Tobsesan2863d ago

whoa ppl damage control everything

Utalkin2me2863d ago

Some people like to try to downplay everything too..../\....lol.....smh

Master of Unlocking2863d ago

Funny, we came to the same conclusion when I hadn't read your post. Great minds think alike. ;-)

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ShaunCameron2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Sony will be alright. The segment of the market being alienated is negligible.

Cuzzo632863d ago

Da mods for Fallout won't break my spirit. I really dont even care about mods... I jus dont see how in the article its a reason to wanna jump ship...

thepluggy2863d ago

dude there is so many good mods on the xbox version of fallout 4, hearing this i will def be buying Skyrim for the Xboxone now and not my PS4