AceGamez Review: Top Spin 3

James Hamblin Writes:

"It would be convenient to regard 2K Sport's Top Spin 3 and SEGA's Virtua Tennis 3 as the Federer and Nadal of tennis videogames. Just as the Swiss and Spaniard are some distance ahead of their rivals on every surface, there's very little of a field to challenge the two games on both the lush green of the 360 and the black hard-court of the PS3. But while Federer's finesse belies his power, and vice-versa for Nadal, there's no apparent similarity between Virtua and Top Spin. The former is very much an arcade experience while the latter is all about realism - so perhaps the comparisons are misplaced (in any event, what would all this make Smash Court Tennis? Novak Djokovic?). Whether you want to draw parallels or not, Top Spin 3 is the best tennis simulator currently available, with the emphasis firmly on simulator - although its position in this camp isn't quite as staunch as it might initially seem."

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