Get to the Chaos capital, Mt. Bloodhorn, Blighted Isle, or Norsca at level 1

Massively: You've jumped into Warhammer Online, and you're ready to go. You've picked your terror-inducing class and you're happy with your class's vile mechanics ... but perhaps you don't want to play in your race's assigned tiers. You're a Chaos Warrior that wants to bash some stunty heads, maybe, or a Greenskin with a taste for human flesh. Whether you're heading to the Destruction capital city or one of the other starting zones, it should be as easy as hiking to the first RvR War Camp in your starting zone ... but where is that? If you've never played before, how do you know?

Massively has full details and maps on how to get to the first war camps in Mount Bloodhorn, the Blighted Isle, and the zone of Norsca. Make sure you tell the flight masters that Massively sent you!

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