Top Review: Dream Pinball 3D Writes: "I really used to enjoy pinball in my not-really misspent youth. I wasn't the greatest player in the world, so I didn't generally earn extra balls, and my quarters only stretched so far. I was excited about getting some pinball action on the Wii where I could play as long as I want and not go broke in the process.

There are six different pinball tables with Dream Pinball 3D. They're all the fancier, more high-tech kind of tables that I saw toward the end of my pinball-playing phase. The tables are Knight Tournament, Monsters, Dino Wars, Aquatic, Spinning Rotors and Amber Moon. To the best of my researching abilities, it looks like all of these games are new as pinball sims. I would like to see some old classics converted, but that's not to be with this package.

There are four levels of difficulty available for each game. Easy gives you seven starter balls, normal gives you five balls, hard has three balls and expert has one ball. Beyond that, the higher the level of difficulty, the shorter amount of time you get in your save period during gameplay. If I look in the manual, I'll also see that the level of difficulty sets how many points you have to earn before your ball changes materials (more on that in a bit) and sets how long the special modes will be active once earned."

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