Star Trek Online Console Versions Go Live

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will now be able to fight for the final frontier as the Star Trek Online console versions launch.

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Lonnie182836d ago

You know I downloaded this because I am a Star Trek fan and you know what...it's actually pretty good! I'm thinking about going for the plat which should take awhile but hey the story is decent...which is no surprise since Star Trek is really all about good narrative!

Joel22112836d ago

I totally agree with you. I've been playing this since its come out and I'm actually enjoying it, it reminds me of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

ninsigma2836d ago

Hmmmmm I'll have to give this a shot and see what it's like!

MasterCornholio2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Is this a standard MMO or a FTP one?

"STO will be available free-to-play on both consoles, with the Xbox One version requiring a Gold Membership while the PS4 version will not require a PS Plus membership"

Now I feel stupid.....

With that said I'm glad it doesn't require PlayStation Plus. Ill try it out then.

Pintheshadows2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

So much has changed since I played it previously (about 4 years ago) but so much has stayed the same. I still love it. Time to get to Vice Admiral all over again.

Make it so.

They really need to add a manual camera distance setting like in Rebel Galaxy.

Artemidorus2836d ago

"STO will be available free-to-play on both consoles, with the Xbox One version requiring a Gold Membership while the PS4 version will not require a PS Plus membership"

Microsoft still screwing it's customers over.

Kerppamaister2836d ago

Dude, every online game on Xbox requires xbl. As far as I know. There's a reason XBL is the best online network on consoles.

Artemidorus2836d ago

Keep making them excuses.

XMarkstheSpot2836d ago

If you have either of these consoles without PSN or XBL, then youre really not using the console to its full extent. So you can play a F2P game without PSN, what about games that aren't F2P? Most games require PSN or XBL so a few F2P games(that honestly usually aren't that good at all) you can play without PSN is no deal breaker what so ever

Kerppamaister2836d ago

Is it F2P? Might try if it is. Well, will try if F2P

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Knightofelemia873d ago

Was never really a big Voyager fan I did watch it they reused a lot of the same story arcs time travel, slip stream, the borg, thrown closer to home. Best aliens I like that were introduced in the series were the Hirogen would love to see the Klingons take them on in a war.

Garethvk873d ago

The big issue was it was hard to have any consistency as you knew they were not going to mysteriously get home and Villains had to be infrequent as they were going through their space and would in time be out of range of their influence. There was a plan for the ship to get home via a new technology early in a mid season and then have them go to and from the Delta Quadrant and Federation as the story needed but that was nixed. I think not showing what happened when they actually set foot on Earth was a huge issue. I am hoping Picard addresses it.

Knightofelemia873d ago

There were plans to show a few episodes of what happened to the Voyager crew once they came back to the Alpha Quadrant but that fell through. Voyager was ok but it's not TNG or DS9 those two series I liked Enterprise with Scott Bakula was good I could never get into the Captain Kirk Star Trek that was before my time.

Garethvk873d ago

DS9 was great. I have not been able to get into Discovery. I do not like the characters or stories. I do not expect Xmas lights but the fact that it is 10 years before Kirk yet the ship is so much more advanced even before they went into time has not worked for me. Mainly dislike the characters. Prodigy lost me at the first episode but Lower Decks has grown on me and I have liked Picard.