GiN Review - LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

Chris Richards Writes:

"Fans of Indiana Jones and Legos, now is your time, because Traveller's Tales has done what they did for six Star Wars movies. They have transformed the first three Indiana Jones adventures into the world of Legos.

If you played either of the Star Wars Lego titles you will be familiar with the game play here. But for those of you unfamiliar with the previous games, you walk around as a Lego version of one of the characters from the movie and complete famous scenes from the movie. Though you are far more destructive then the characters from the movie because you need to smash a lot of things to release studs (scoring bricks) which raise your total. If you manage to fill the bar at the top of the screen you get a huge bonus. But every time your character dies you loose some points.

The game keeps the E10+ rating solidly in place because everything is made of Legos. Like with the Star Wars game, if you kill or break something it simply shatters into a little pile of building blocks, just like if you were playing with Legos on your living room floor."

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