Next Banjo will "expand" N&B concept

CVG writes: "The next Banjo-Kazooie game could expand upon the vehicle-building concept of upcoming sequel Nuts & Bolts - provided the new game goes down well with the public, Rare has told CVG.

"[Nuts & Bolts] is like an introduction to what we could do," senior animator Ellissa Miller told CVG. "If we went on and did some more then we could push it. If it was accepted and people enjoyed it then we could definitely push it in a much bigger direction. This is like an opening to a new type of gaming I guess."

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Kevin Pereira3718d ago

I'm going to go kill myself...

Dyingduck3718d ago

Keyword folks, "if"

AKA flop

IaMs123718d ago

sounds neat, i hope this game is good, but open us up to some GoldenEYE!

mohib-uddin79865323718d ago


They lost the plot !

lowcarb3718d ago

And that's suppose to be funny? Poor guy you definitely need some counseling lol.

air13718d ago

kevin can you make a tape of it? leave a note saying to put it on youtube so i can see it

radio0o3718d ago

super gay. cant believe we will never have a proper banjo game. oh well.

but if they ruin the next killer instinct, then ill really be pissed

lowcarb3718d ago

It doesn't sound ruined to me and might actually be the best version in the series.

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