The PlayStation 4 Pro Just Isn't Good Enough

The reveal of the PlayStation 4 Pro was a mixed bag for the gaming industry, with questions being asked if the console's price tag is justified.

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lzgmrs seems an apt name, since they can't be bother to actually go hands on with the console before passing judgement on it.

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darthv722866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

PS4Pro is good enough. There is just one black mark, one but otherwise its very solid. I just wish even the diehard fans can admit that it isnt a total 4k package that embodies the moniker of "Pro". Its okay to be honest, really it is.

For those that have been holding out for a better PS4 this is it. There is nothing better coming from Sony until the PS5. This is the PS4 for me. I already have a game for it too. I been holding onto it for a while.

@battleaxe, to be fair it really is just the UHD drive. Those other things are likely to change. Like the unit can still have user replaceable hdd.

Still odd that sony believes in replacing rather than letting the user add to but... its what they did on ps3 so why change now.

The 4k upscaling im okay with because i was okay with upscaling in general unlike PS4 fans initially. My how their tone changes when sony says its okay.

The Pro will get some native 4k games, with a few restrictions but they will come. More than likely from indies who tend not to push fidelity as much as AAA devs.

The big ugly look... now that is just petty. It may not be as attractive as a slim but even the original xb1 wasnt flattering. The bulk just sort of grows on you when there is no other choice.

BattleAxe2866d ago

@ Darthv72

Actually there are 4 black marks:

- no 4K Blu-ray player
- no native 4K gaming (upscales to 4K)
- only a 1TB hard drive
- big and ugly looking

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As if Microsoft never got flak since launch?

Where is your spine bro, you're disgusting! 😂😂😂

With all this new turnaround I notice a huge difference between both fanboys, Xbox fanboys know how to handle pressure these PS fanboys like Kingtrash are just pathetic!!

Kingthrash3602866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

If my comment is inappropriate then thos article is inappropriate. ...no?
All I said were the facts.....why are facts inappropriate? ....I'm baffled..
Im not even off topic...
Where are the guys who say "that's n4g....say something bad about sony and you get flagged"?

Above....what are you talking about?
What do you mean pressure?
I could care less if anyone buys a ps4p....or a scorpio for that matter...lol pressure of what...I don't work for sony. Lol.
I just don't like bs
This article is bs.
At the end of the day you get over 3x more power for 100 bucks more...there is no separate console splitting the user base...this is only an upgraded console....that's it. I have my criticism of the PS4P myself. But all I'm all for 399 it's well worth it if you want to make that jump for more power. If you don't it's perfectly fine you dont lose if you don't pick it up.
But as far as the article saying it just isn't good enough is wildly crazy. You telling me for 100 bucks more you get 3x more power double the memory 4k support with games supporting it day one a bad thing? Why? Why am I a fan boy just because I call bs?
Why didn't anyone call me a fanboy when I said I'm disappointed beca use no uhd player? Smh when I criticized sony it's nothing....but when I criticized a flame bait article I'm a fanboi? I get flagged?...smh this is the problem with fanboys in gaming. They think if someone dosent agree with then then they are a fanboy.
I stand by my first comment. I'm no way should it have been flagged, I didn't say anything inappropriate. I was on topic and stated 100% fact. Not one of you fanboys can say im incorrect on what I said. Not one of you can explain how I was inappropriate.

SpeakTruthAlways2866d ago


"With all this new turnaround I notice a huge difference between both fanboys, Xbox fanboys know how to handle pressure these PS fanboys like Kingtrash are just pathetic!!"

How to handle pressure? Nay, in fact xbox fanboys are the most gutless cowards that only know to hide behind multiple troll accounts to propagate their rubbish e.g rookie.

The most childish community out there is xbox community.

badz1492866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

funny thing about this is, you can have the beastly rig with i7, Titan X SLI, 32GB DDR4, 2TB SSD or just a good rig with 1080 or 1070 and 16GB RAM but WITHOUT a BD drive, it will be good enough and you're already part or the PCMR. 4K BD doesn't matter at all.

but now an affordable 4.2TF console is getting all the flak and is "not good enough" because it doesn't have a 4K BD drive but a weakass console released just a couple of weeks ago which still run games mostly at 900p30fps but comes with a 4K BD drive were getting the praise instead.

can't help but feel the hypocracy! WTF has the gaming scene become? 4K movies more important than games?? F all these journalist! preaching on the side features while purposely neglecting the gaming side of things the Pro is all about!

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UltimateMaster2866d ago

Yeah, well, I already told Sony that before launching it. It needed more power, and 4k UHD HDR Blu-Ray player.

Arguably, I am very impressed by their upscale technology and gives really good quality for it's price.
Sure a PC can Brute Force itself to 4k, but you'll pay the high price, like over 1000$ just for the GPU itself, it doesn't include the PC.

Not reaching native 4k today is not the same as the Xbox One not reaching 1080p when 1080p was available on PC for YEARS!!! 4K is relatively new, not everyone even owns a 4k TV.
However, the leap isn't as significant the Xbox did with theirs, I still feel bad for people buying the Xbox One since Scorpio is the real Xbox.

Having a better GPU for the PS4 Pro would have helped the terms of frame rate and graphical fidelity, so this console seems to be aimed for people who haven't bought a PS4, now is the time, or the hardcore fans willing to spend the extra cash for it.

As for me, I'm in the same boat as everyone else complaining about the lack of 4k UHD Blu-Rays. NO they Are NOT 40$, they are 400$+ dollars. The cheaper ones only upscale your current 1080p Blu-Rays which the PS4 Pro will do. Don't fall for the cheap gimmick marketing "4k" when it's just upscale and not triple-layer Blu-Rays.

sampson31212866d ago

In English ready? one should drive a car before telling others how it handles. kapeesh?

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343_Guilty_Spark2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

It's a more powerful PS4. What exactly do they need to go hands on with?

We know what Last of Us plays like and how ultra beautiful it is.

dumahim2866d ago

So they can actually see it in 4K and HDR.

Lightning Mr Bubbles2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I don't know where to start man. In the past few days, the console wars have officially started again. We are war again, after a few years of peace. I haven't had to defend the Playstation brand this much since the early to mid PS3 era.

Clearly the XBOX One Scorpio is more powerful than the PS4 Pro, everyone who knows about tech is saying this. So then PS4 pro's hand is affordability then. The fact that they didn't add a UHD blu-ray drive for movies tells me that this is probably how they see it also. Will being more affordable allow then to reach more consumers who are looking for a 4K video game experience, or will people flock to the top of the line stuff no matter the price? Or maybe it will be somewhere in-between? I don't know, just going to have to wait to see what happens, but no doubt the console wars are back in a big way, and the race is going to start getting tighter. Already we know that they XBOX One S has been a success because the the PS4 has been outsold in North America the last 2 months. So already we can tell, things are changing.

Genuine-User2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Meanwhile at Digital Foundry:

"PlayStation Pro is a really palpable upgrade"

"PlayStation Pro exceeded our expectations"

"I emerged from the event impressed with the quality of the experience and respectful of the wizardry utilised to make this GPU punch above its weight"

"a trio of the Sony first party efforts looked seriously impressive"

"I went into the PlayStation Meeting with a healthy scepticism and came out thinking that there is a cost-efficient console coming very soon that will indeed present a highly impressive upgrade option"

As I have said earlier, a lot of people will do their best to downplay the PS4 Pro. But most of us know better. Sony has built a cost-efficient impressive upgrade to the current PS4. And I can't wait to buy it come November.


I'm making a positive case for the Pro against misinformed/downright stupid articles.

There's enough negative drama on the net as it is. No one is stopping you from quoting DF though, go right ahead.

darthv722866d ago

Dont stop there. Why not add in the quotes that criticized the Pro for the way it does certain things?

DF liked it but it wasnt without its faults. If you are going to quote then try not to cherry pick just the good ones.

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dumahim2866d ago

"DF liked it but it wasnt without its faults."
And water is wet and the sky is blue. What doesn't have faults?

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Ha! I said something similar about one of their articles a while back :)

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