Another Look at how The Last of Us 2 should look like and it´s Amazing


Hello everyone on the forum   Here is another fan art i made. I hope you all like it and the old artwork if you have never seen it.

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DeletedAcc2332d ago

Can´t wait for The Last of Us 2. The day when it will be shown is going to be unbelievable good

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2330d ago

I will never forget that dialogue between Ellie and Bill, and the dialogue between Ellie and Joel when Ellie reveals she stole one of Bill's porn mags.

Incredible story, pretty good game too.

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GamingIVfun2331d ago

If it looks anything like the fan art it will look amazing, see no reason why it can't.

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Silly gameAr2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

Holy crap. Are we actually talking about games again? I can't believe it. This is what people should be looking forward too. These doom and gloom idiots have lost the plot.

Sadly, I don't think this follows n4g guidelines.

GrubsterBeater2331d ago

I know, right?

Damn, every article is about how Sony shot themselves in the foot, and/or how Sony is somehow in trouble now and the tables have turned.

I'm happy to see an article rooted in reality, especially one that is about games instead of the PS Pro versus a console that does not exist but is apparently "targeted" to be 6 TF.

DeadlyOreo2330d ago

Haha. I know. It's nice to see people slowly coming to their senses.

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The story is too old to be commented.