An interview with one of gaming's hottest girls, Raychul interviews one of the sexiest gamers in the world, Raychul Moore from Raychul is a famous media figure in women's gaming and a model to boot! Serious questions about hardcore gaming, lifestyles, industry trends, retro gaming, and some random questions and fun pictures thrown in for good measure. Do girls like this *really* exist?

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vitz33696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

She's... Meh. Seen and played with better.

Kill it with fire, man the harpoons, a wild Snorlax appears, etc.

MURKERR3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

nice a$$ but face aint as pretty as jade raymond

anh_duong3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

in the land of the blind the woman with one eye is king.. i mean she's not great but for a girlgamer she is okay.

Prototype3696d ago

I wonder how much they paid her to say shes into gaming?

yesah3696d ago

wtf guys? cmon, i know she is not "the sexyist girl in gaming" but i would still tap that, all you people trying to make yourselfs out to be some mega model with your own personal playboy bunny, by calling her ugly and sh!t, lemme tell u its not working, anyone who thinks she is ugly is a homosexual.

anh_duong3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

she looks like a chixwithdix

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jumboplay3696d ago

If you've seen better I'd like the pictures, please!

Hellsvacancy3696d ago

theres no way on earth ill climb over my missis to get to that

I hate the stigmata that comes with gamin, im not sum fat long haired yuppy who sits (lives) on a lazy-boy chair pizza in hand playin World Of Warcraft

Comic book guy comes to mind

BlackTar1873696d ago

Im all of that Comic book nerd, Video Game addict. 1/2 and 1/2 on sci fi. But my girl is beatiful more then raychul but I still find her amazing and her being a videogame chick makes her go way up. So yes I would tap raychul (Sorry got off topic a little excited)

But yeah Im a sterotypical nerd and my woman is also a nerd( Not anywhere close to me) but hell. if you guiys say she not all that and you get better I laugh becasue for some its true for the other 10000000000000 out there its a lie.

Dark General3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

My girlfriend looks better (angelic face and 26 double D's and amazing personality). I wouldn't call Raychul Sexy. Cute definitely, for sure. Sexy not quite. She's a cool chick to talk about games and shiz though from the couple of times we had a conversation.

BlackTar1873696d ago

well im on the other end but you actually talked to her now thats weird. not saying your weird but saying that you talked to her is weird thats all.

Good luck with your woman they all turn out to be who we thought they were in the end ______________________________ __ you fill it in with a word or sentence its in your control.

Dark General3696d ago

Actually i'm more of a hips/ass guy (also i made a typo of 26 instead of 36) and she has hips and ass. If that's true then my girlfriend will turn out to be the person who fills that empty void in me and *Mushy warning ahead* is my soul mate. She's always been different from every other girl i've met and been with. I've never been as happy with her as i was at any time in my life. She "completes me" *Laughs*.

It's not really all that weird that i had a few conversations with Rachul. She's just another gamer/chick to tell the truth. Have her own favorite video game franchises and ideals etc. Nothing uncommon. Except that maybe she's "Known" around the web.

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NMC20073696d ago

If she is one of gaming's hottest girls then I am one of gaming's hottest guys.

She is extremely average, Cliffy's gf Chantal is 4 times better looking than she is and what about PMS clan's Tart? Way hotter than this chick, WTF?! Also I have played with way better looking and I would provide a picture except that would be very disrespectful to her, just going around showing her around the internet.

BlackTar1873696d ago

I mean seriously. Lets just be honest Imn a nerd but cliffy is a tard and his girl loves his money. and his long hours at the office working on his favorite past time.(Im sure she see's it that way to)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3696d ago

...Sir Ken Kutaragi;)

Veronica Belmont is my Babe of the YEAR!!! ;-P

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3696d ago

Bet you have the Best chat-up Line EVER...

'Hi, i invented the PlayStation'!!! ;-D

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3696d ago

Yeah that always gets them!!! ;-D

Worse chat-up Line EVER is...

'I got a xBox 360'!!! ;-D

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