The TR Podcast 16: AMD roadmappery, and GPU's suss out Sasquatch

The Tech Report: "Right off the top, I have to tell you, this episode is laden with podcast-exclusive discussions and news!

When a listener question dives deep into the workings and scheming of AMD, Scott gives us the complete scoop on what exactly Advanced Micro Devices has planned for the years to come. During the "station break," we chat with TR newcomer Perry Longinotti about the Acer Aspire One, its pros and cons, and the netbook category on the whole. In the final stretch of the show, Scott and Cyril discuss the some neglected news from Nvision 08, including how SoftKinetic plans to make the Wiimote obsolete and how MotionDSP's CUDA-based software could reveal the truth about Bigfoot."

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