Gamer2.0: Spore Review

The caveat – the warning that must be heeded by all potential Spore owners – is that Spore is not your classic strategy game. It's a mistake many might make, but shouldn't. It is – as are all of Will Wright's games before it – a simulation; a "likeness" of evolution, but not a complete recreation.

It is vast, expansive, and brilliant, but not terribly deep for seasoned strategy game enthusiasts. It can be fast paced and challenging, but not overwhelming for any gamer; with "accessibility," the mantra of modern game design, obviously being one of its core philosophies. And yes, it is innovative, but in more discreet ways than you would think from a game that takes you from a single-celled organism to a galactic superpower.

Spore is the "impossible" game, one that had to be balanced with such care as to not be so overly complex as to steamroll fun in favor of depth. By the same token, it also couldn't be so basic that it wouldn't live up to the promise of its premise: evolving a species from its simplest form to its most advanced

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