Next Xbox in 2011?

TechTree writes: "Whispers on the wind suggest a 2011 release date for the neXt box. Moreover, Intel wants in on the action as well: According to the industry insiders close to the Inquirer, Intel is rumored to be pursuing Microsoft quite aggresively, with the intent of putting its upcoming Larrabee chip inside Microsoft's next XBOX console. Yes, you read it rigt -- Microsoft's next-generation XBOX console -- already.

In a related development, AnandTech predicts that Microsoft is already planning for the next Xbox console -- let's call it the Xbox 720. For a historical perspective on this timeframe, recall a Peter Moore interview -- March 2007, with the Electronics Gaming Monthly magazine. Back then Peter Moore was the head of Interactive Entertainment Business division for Microsoft (he is now gainfully employed by EA), he had indicated that the production team was already working on next-gen Xbox. Fast forward to June 2008 when Robbie Bach, president of the entertainment and devices division at Microsoft also indirectly confirms that people were already working on new technologies."

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Capt CHAOS3691d ago

The progression from xbox to 360 wasn't so bad and I reckon the next step will be just awesome. Look forward to it, I'm also sure that the backwards game compatibility will be alot better..

MS know that backward compatibility is important.

butterfinger3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Backwards compatibility and more reliable hardware will definitely lead me to purchasing a 720 on day one. A blu ray player wouldn't hurt either. That way I wouldn't always have to turn off the 360 then boot up my PS3 to watch my movies.

@ Logikill
How has MS played coy with BC and Nintendo fully embraced it? Nintendo didn't have BC until going from GC to Wii which is almost the exact same thing. Nintendo's refusal to go to the disc-based format prevented them from being able to make more of their games backwards compatible. I can play PSone games on my PS3, but you can't pop a Super Nintendo game into your Wii, can you? As for MS, they have 2 consoles and their second gen console has BC with their first. I don't even understand what you were trying to prove...

logikil3691d ago

The only company to fully embrace BC was Nintendo. Sony and MS have both played coy with BC, so I'd be curious if there really will be BC in those systems.

thenickel3691d ago

Strange your getting disagrees but oh well I guess there's a certain cyber clan going around trying and hoping to kill the 360 momentum. Good news though and hopefully a leap this time well beyond what consoles can do today.

logikil3691d ago

My disagree was mainly aimed at BC..I'm not sure that MS will necessarily learn that BC is important and will either leave it out completely or go the route of removing it bit by bit. The hope is that because MS owns the chip design in the 360 that emulation or hardware BC will be much easier to achieve.

I'm actually a pretty big fan of the 360.

MURKERR3691d ago

i dont seriously see how the 360 can hang on till 2011 what with ps3 seriously gaining momentum,bluray showing its fruits and ps3s exclusive library building,

theres only soo many price drops you can do

logikil3691d ago

Only talking about this generation of games as it relates to last gen:

The Wii is fully compatible with the Gamecube even going as far as to include the same memory card slots. That's about as fully compatible as you can get.

The 360 uses software emulation, and only supported it enough to get some of the popular games working. It's better than I expected by a long shot, but still not full compat, so they are a question mark moving to the new system. Granted owning the rights to the chip design will make that much easier.

The PS3 started with full on hardware compatibility and he progressively moved to remove it from the system, save for PS1, which I suppose must be really simple to emulate, since that has yet to be removed from any of the skus that I can tell.

So my reason for calling them coy is that the strategy for BC has changed so far with the life of the 360 and PS3. MS said BC wasn't all that important, but then introduced it and seems to have moved away from keeping up with the updates. Sony went at BC whole hog, same as the Wii, but then took at hardware, went to software, and then even took that out in some skus so that the system only has PS1 BC. Makes me wary of just how much MS and Sony are going to stick BC in the next systems.

butterfinger3691d ago

because Nintendo did a good job on BC from last gen to this gen, that makes them fully supportive even though they clearly rejected it throughout every other generation of games? That is BS. The gamecube didn't have enough quality titles to even make BC on the Wii seem that great. Do you honestly play Gamecube games that much on your Wii? I'd rather play Crash Bandicoot on my PS3 or Halo 1&2 on the 360. MS and Sony will never fully dispose of BC, and whatever limited BC their new systems have will provide playability of many more quality titles than Nintendo's new system will be able to provide. I wish I could play the original Mario Bros. on my roommate's Wii without having to use the internet to re-purchase a game that I already own.

Ju3691d ago

PS1 emu is easy because its so old and slow. 100% SW emulations existed before (no dedicated 3D HW, R3000 cpu, rest is just pixel filler. Easy to do in SW with a 3.2GHz cpu). That is not rocket science. PS2 is a different beast. Uses a lot of custom HW (timing, etc). They managed to get the MIPS/VPUs to run in SW but haven't done the GS emulation.

But emulating a PS3/360 even with the next-next gen will be very tricky. The speeds went up quite significantly. Even if raw power will exceed these machines, timing is pretty crucial in that case. Larrabee uses a x86 ISA, and SSE SIMD, 360 uses a PPC (970) ISA and VMX SIMD. And 3 cores. I would be very curious to see that getting emulated. Even with 15 cores you'd need 3 dedicated to emulate the 3 PPC cores, I'd guess. In real time. The 360 still has trouble to emulate a 700MHz celeron, and future emulation technology will be even more challenging. I give MS the edge on graphics emulation if they strictly enforcing DX now. The gfx HW should not be the problem.

And I agree that BC will be an issue. Except, they'll keep the 360 alive as a entry level machine, and have the 720 on the top end (main reason why Sony abandoned BC is because the PS2 sold so well, IMO - and actually makes money, while SW BC costs money for 0 revenue). But all the issues with the 360 and liabilities, I could imagine MS wants to move on as fast as they can.

ASSASSYN 36o3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Hey butter did you even read the article. Particulary the mention of opting for a high-capacity proprietary optical disc format which holds more GB than Blu-ray.


6 years is a normal cycle indeed. Pretty healthly decision if true.

That said, given the price of games and consoles this generation, I would not complain about longer life cycles. Still, this is OK, none the less.

DeadlyFire3691d ago

Does noone read stuff on the internet anymore. They just post more stuff with more speculation. Microsoft wants to be first next time around they said that already. Microsoft can't be first if Sony and Nintendo are releasing in the same week in 2011. 2010 is when Microsoft will release the 720/460 or whatever you wanna call it with DirectX 10.1 support in 2010 no latter than that. Intel's chip will be worked on and fit into the schedule for the 720 if Microsoft accepts it as the GPU for its new console. Likely the date of launch will be around November 2010 as always while Sony and Nintendo fall somewhere into 2010-2011 time line.

butterfinger3691d ago

Hey assassyn, did you even read my comment. I read the article and threw down what I want. If blu ray continues at its current adoption rate (which is better than I'm sure you are willing to admit considering you are just a fanboy), Microsoft would be stupid to introduce a totally new format, unless it was just for games. If MS decides to use HVD or Green Ray or whatever other rumor-based format you can imagine, that doesn't mean that the 720 or XBOX 360 will not have blu ray capability. They would be smart to make it compatible in order to generate more sales. My perfect XBOX 720 goes as follows; 500GB HDD, built in wi fi, reliable hardware, 360 BC, blu ray, and a quality sequel to one of the 360's amazing AAA titles (i.e. Gears 3, Bioshock 3, Halo 4, etc.). I would pay $499 for that console on day one.

3691d ago
Megatron083691d ago

@butterfinger I dont really see them using blu ray just cause its a made by sony. It actually make a lot of sense for them to use hd dvd. This might be a dead movie format but there is no reason it cant be used as a game format plus with it be dead they could buy the drives and the disc dirty cheap. Allowing them to keep the cost of dev low and release the next xbox at a lower price. The only reason to use blu ray is if that they feel that you cant have a gaming system that doesnt support moive play back.

butterfinger3690d ago

Just because Sony is the prominent member of the BDA does not mean that MS would be afraid to use blu ray in on of their consoles. Do you remember that blu ray attachment we have heard so much about? MS and Sony team up all the time for certain things. Doesn't Vista have blu ray support? Don't VAIO laptops use Windows OS? It's all about money, and if the demand is there for blu ray, they will include it in the next XBOX. HDDVD would make them look like morons.

Coltrain3690d ago

"Robbie Bach, president of the entertainment and devices division at Microsoft also indirectly confirms that people were already working on new technologies..."

"Indirectly confirms" is now my new favourite article quote :)You can't ask for surer that that.

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Lex Luthor3691d ago

2011, seems reasonable to me.
Does anyone know when the 360 came out?

thenickel3691d ago

I believe it was November 2005.

logikil3691d ago

The system release Nov 22 2005. That's a span of 6 years, more than the traditional console cycle. This actually sounds about right. And talk of the next PS3 is aiming at 2012, despite the whole 10 year life cycle claims. Odds are each company will release their new systems and keep the current gen systems in play similar to Sony with the PS2.

TheWiseguy3691d ago

Hence the 10 year cycle sir. PS2 came out in 2000 and its still going....Sony never said PS3 will be their only console til 2016....Theyre just using the same formula, supporting a console well after the next-gen unit arrives

DJ3691d ago

Sony has ten year life cycles for their home consoles. That means they're on the market for about that period of time, and fully supported. But they release new Playstation consoles about every 6~7 years. PS1 was supported years after the PS2's launch, and the PS2 is still selling just as well as the 360 eight years post launch. It's a very smart decision that benefits developers in the end.

"You spent millions of dollars creating these titles for our system. The least we can do is give you the longest shelf life possible."

logikil3691d ago

I know the 10 year cycle includes lifespan of the console after release of the next gen, but not everyone does. My reason for pointing it out at all was because of the original article. The author seems shocked that the new system might come out in 2011, even though that is absolutely in line with when it should come out. If the date was 2009 or even 2010, then I could see reason for any shock. Also I'm guessing the 360 will finally get to see a long tail similar to the PS2, same with the PS3. The wii would be the one system I don't see having the long tail.

thenickel3691d ago

You know I read somewhere awhile back where Sony planned on releasing the PS4 a lot sooner then some would think.

Ju3691d ago

MS could push the 360 down to ~$100 and keep it while introducing a new console. Sony, I don't know. I would even give the PS2 a longer lifetime then the PS3. Don't get me wrong. The PS2 has a great cost advantage for the <$100 segment. Keeping the PS3 alive after a PS4 release would require the PS3 getting down there. Maybe it will. But I could imagine the PS4 as a substitute to the PS3 (with fully compatible HW) at PS3 price level but brushed up specs. Console manufacturers never build a direct successor to previous machines, though. Maybe they will this time (but in case of PS3, NVidia might see some competition in a next gen "SuperCELL". They'll like to push the GPGPUs - and a compatible PS4 would require a RSX like companion, I'd guess). MS again has the edge here. They own the ATI design, I think and are not so dependent on HW (because of DirectX). If MS chooses Larrabee, I think Sony needs to keep the CELL and push it to the same level. OTHO, a 2 or 3 core CELL with a texture unit would have a huge advantage for a next gen xbox as well. This one could be HW compatible to the Xenon.

Megatron083691d ago

MS has said for a long time that their goal is to have the next xbox out by the 2011 or 2012. However the writer of the article obviously is only guessing and for the most part doing it very poorly. Everyone knows that the next xbox wont be name 720 that is just an internet name that people use for it. Also 6-7 is a very good lifespan for any system.

Oh and the ps3 whole 10 year thing people take it completely the wrong way they never said they wont release a ps4 before 10 years they simple said they plan on supporting the ps3 for 10 year. They release the ps3 in 06 and here we are in 08 and they are still supporting the ps2. So its the same thing .

xhairs93691d ago

The real question is accessories. Are they going to make the same stupid choice in leaving out all their accessories again like WiFi? Lets hope they don't make the same stupid mistake -- lets not forget the HDD for 3x the average price.

DevastationEve3691d ago

"But I could imagine the PS4 as a substitute to the PS3 (with fully compatible HW) at PS3 price level but brushed up specs."

I dont think it'll be PS3 price level with higher specs. They can't make an "extension" to the console if what they want to do is "substitute" it. It's got to be one way or the other. PS3 already being as complete as it makes it a difficult choice for them. Do they outdo the console tenfold, or do they just build on what they have?

Personally, I think it's a wiser decision to carry PS3's architecture to the next console. In that way they could deliver on PS3's 10year life and at the same time be able to "slip in" a competitor to x3.

This will be an interesting generation...

Ju3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

"PS3 price level" and such. Yeah, well, I understand. But it was more meant like a substitute for the PS3 with an overlap until the PS3 price level can be reached (and then drop PS3, because it will be 100% assimilated by the PS4).

Whatever it will be, the next generation flip will be very interesting compared to the current. For all parties, MS, Sony, and also Nintendo (will they break BC, and make a state of the art HW like they did back then with the N64?). The whole thing sounds fairly easy (easiest) for MS, IMO. Cut the 360 down to 100-150, and introduce a new second machine (similar like PS2/PS3). For a $100 nobody will need BC.

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PopEmUp3691d ago

pp haven't comment much as he used to be, so I might think this is his new account so I guarantee how stupid this account have been comment/posting lately

Tweeperz3691d ago

Who is this pp?Who is this jackwho?

Where is bloodmasks???

Omega43691d ago

Sounds good, thats about a 6 year life span

Hope it has FULL 360 B/C and not too expensive

RememberThe3573690d ago

"not too expensive" that was funny. I don't really like the idea right now, but maybe in 2011 I'll have wormed up to the idea.

OOG3691d ago

Id prefer 2010....but 2011 is cool as well....I just like having new toys I guess... lol