PS4 Pro: Watch Seven Minutes of Spider-Man, Days Gone, Watch_Dogs 2 and Many More in Gorgeous 4K

During yesterday’s PlayStation Meeting, Sony Interactive Entertainment promised to make the gameplay footage showcased available on-demand in 4K resolution, and they indeed have.

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fathertime44642570d ago

Oh ya a Sony device that upscales to 4k... Hmm yup and everyone dissed me for that move....

Sony made 2 mistakes with the pro. 1) no uhd drive and 2) the cpu was a hug bottleneck on Oh ps4 and they threw it back into the pro..
Definition of insanity. "let's do this again, I guarantee we'll get better results themis time". Well let's just hope all Ps pro games are gpu bound

Harkins17212570d ago

They wanted to keep the costs down. If they wanted to screw themselves over they would have done another PS3 price tag. No one bought the system like they bought the PS4. Sony learned their lesson. People wanted a cheaper console. Case closed.

Kingthrash3602570d ago

Don't explain logic anymore bro. They still high on what they think they know.

maniacmayhem2570d ago

Then what is the slim for? And why does the Xbox One S have a UHD also? And they're selling a *Pro* system at a bargain bin price? How much sense does that really make?

Imagine buying a Lexus GS F and having them not include air conditioning because they want to keep the cost down.

SpeakTruthAlways2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )


Sony sold a premium feature packed console (ps3) for a very high price tag and we know what happened. Sony has learned the lesson since then. They wanted a great price point for ps pro hence $399, only $50 more than the 1tb xbox one S but 3x more powerful, that is how much value you are getting with pro. But gamers still complain, albeit majority of the people complaining are the xbox fanboys that had no intention to but the console to begin with. Funny!

As for the big deal people are making over absence of uhd bluray, sony created a great "gaming" console for a fantastic price and that's what majority of the gamers care about.

Maxor2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

By keeping the cost down they're setting themselves up for a specs smack down by Scorpio. Is there going to be a Neo Pro in 2017? If there is, how will the Sony user base react to the annual upgrade cycle?

My guess is they will love it, just like how Xbox fans are hailing the Scorpio as the savior. Anual console upgrade cycles is real it seems.

WickedLester2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

"by keeping the cost down they're setting themselves up for a smack down by scorpio."


LOL yeah we'll certainly look forward to that in a year and a half when Scorpio finally comes out. In the meantime, gamers can enjoy games with high graphic fidelity in 4K THIS year, along with a nice VR experience.

mike32UK2570d ago

Ok I'm all about keeping costs down but they already have the cheap console, that is the Slim. I feel like they should have put a bit more oomph into the console I would have happily paid upwards of £500 for a beefier PS4 Pro. I'll still buy it regardless, but it would have been nice to see.

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Sparta072570d ago

Cry me a river.
PS4P is 4K period!!!
PS4P twice as powerful as the original PS4.
How many 4K movies do you own?
Even Phil said not all games will be 4K on Scorpio. Let's see if you will complain about that.

kraenk122570d ago

2.5,times faster even. 3 times faster than X1S for 50 bucks more. Who needs a UHDBluRay drive?!

sammarshall1022570d ago

Not native

Scorpio will have some 4K native games

Remember how you PS4 guys used to criticize upscaled images that's what you're getting with the Pro

amiga-man2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

What sammarshal seems to be missing is that Scorpio doesn't exist, the pro forced MS to release specs for a next gen machine to try to keep xbox relevant and makes it easy for Sony to one up them next gen with the PS5.

The most powerful console ( by some distance) Is now clearly the PS4 pro. only strengthening Sony's grip this gen

fathertime44642568d ago

Ps4p is not 4k period!
It's gpu is twice as powerful, but it's still the same cpu and ram.
@ sparta07 I have 3 4k movies cause I just got my 4k tv.
I'm finding it funny that all the Sony fans here are praising the pro for being 400 bucks and only able to upscale to 4k. It's ironic that you make fun of the x1s for the same reason and that has a uhd dr. Lmao keep looking for those magic beans bro

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Destiny10802570d ago

Joined one hour ago

just another troll account from xboxfanboys

SpeakTruthAlways2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

The number of troll accounts xbox fanboys have created the past few days clearly illustrates how they have nothing to play atm. Might as well pass time by trolling. I pity these poor souls.

kraenk122570d ago

It's Rookie going rouge. The earth is shaking.

fathertime44642570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Actually it's not a troll account but thanks for taking your time to care.
It's a proven fact that the cpu has been a huge bottleneck for both Ps and Xbox. Did I praise Xbox no. I complained about no uhd drive and the garbage cpu. Even if not for watching a uhd movie a uhd drive would let you go from 50g max on disc to 100g max. Which means more information = more crap in the game.

sammarshall1022570d ago


What does that say about the bigger number of trolls on the PS side then?

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kraenk122570d ago


You really need to get a life. See a psychiatrist, get to know some real people...this is killing you. You are schizophrenic and need help.

fathertime44642568d ago

Lmao @ kraenk
Considering that we're both on a gaming forum, I'd guess the same can be said to you now can't. It?
Jack ass

conanlifts2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Check my comments and you will see i have been very critical about the pro not having a uhd drive.
That said the 4k footage does look great on a 4k tv. I was watching horizon zero dawn earlier and it looks so good regardless of its native resolution. The more i see of the games on my 4k tv the more i am being persuaded to buy it. Plus none of the footage we can view is in hdr.

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corroios2570d ago

Yeah, the cpu is crap. I dont know what cerny was thinking. The same problem from the ps4 again 3 years later. 33% increase is weak

Destiny10802570d ago

the ps4-pro is 3x more powerful supports HDR and has checkerboard rendering for 4k upscaling has a 1TB hard drive and only costs an extra 50 bucks compared to the 1TB S-model

it will also have native 4k games on day one

akurtz2570d ago


Kingthrash3602570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

We in the same level or did you see my comment earlier? Lol be careful not to get flagged for stating facts like I did bro.

sammarshall1022570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

I thought you guys were against rendering techniques to get a better IQ and you don't know if it'll have native 4K games day one

A game using checkerboard rendering wouldn't be native 4K

Kaze882570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

@sammarshall102 there is nothing wrong with scaling, even tough its not native 4k it will still look better than what the original can produce. Last of us is native 4k day 1, but im sure that most of the games wont be. Still its quite astonishing what a 400€ device can produce.

fathertime44642570d ago

Upscaling by any other name is still upscaling. Maybe if they added a better cpu and some more ram than maybe it would be able to do 4k on more than just last gen games.
P.s. When I say 4k I mean native. Not some convoluted form of upscaling

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badz1492570d ago

what 33% are you talking about? at 4.2TF, The Pro is actually over 133% more powerful than the original PS4.

kraenk122570d ago

He's talking about the CPU upgrade...while the X1 did have a much lower upgrade. Don't ask.

Rimeskeem2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

He was thinking "hey people probably don't wanna spend 500$ on a console right now"