Phoenix Games Reviews Bangai-O Spirits

Phoenix Games hopes "Bangai-O Spirits" finds its audience. They won't be part of that audience, but that's more about them than it is about the game. Although they enjoyed their time with this game, it requires a commitment and a level of skill that made playing through it more of a chore for me than a pleasure. Others will disagree, and that's great. There's a hungry group of gamers out there looking for a title like "Bangai-O Spirits," and they hope they find it.

Difficult controls and a seemingly endless tutorial eventually lead the patient gamer to clever puzzles, entertaining co-op play and even an impressive level editor. Few gamers will make it through this game, however, and the ones who do are the hardcore folks for whom "Bangai-O Spirits" was designed.

Even though Phoenix Games is not part of that target audience, they still think it's nice to see such a hardcore game with a steep learning curve released on a cute little handheld in the midst of this generation's ongoing casual gaming debate. (There's a reason that actress America Ferrera isn't playing this game in Nintendo's commercial aimed at casual gamers.)

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