Sony VP On Those Stacks Of Consoles

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Stacks of unsold PS3s in America and Japan don't point as high sales as Sony was hoping for. SCEA's Senior VP of Marketing Peter Dille states:

"...what we do pay attention to is that month in, month out, the PlayStation 2 continues to outsell Xbox 360. I think you see the consumers voting with their wallets on the PlayStation brand. But also, if people want to go out and buy a 360, their stacked pretty high at retail and yet, six-year-old technology is outselling it. I also think there's another trend going on. Every Sunday in the paper, there's a new deal with a free controller or a free game or $100 off all discounting the 360. I don't think you take those measures if you're selling as expected."

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THWIP5235d ago

As for the "deals", it's pretty common for a year-old console to have such deals, particularly after the holiday season. Nice try, jackass....but nobody's buyin' what you're sellin'.

BIadestarX5235d ago

What's sad is PlayStation 2 continues to outsell PS3. Specially if you consider that the PS3 can run PS2 games.

THWIP5235d ago

Seriously, what kind of brain-dead moron is so deficient in the concept of economics, that they honestly believe that? It ultimately delays/kills the sale of PS3s, and buys more time for the 360 to gain ground.

shikwan5235d ago

By stating that PS2 is "six year old technology still outselling 360", you're ALSO admitting that this same crap technology is outselling PS3... So, the 360, Wii AND the PS2 are outselling the PS3.

And by his statement on the 360 having sales...just goes to show Sony isn't hardly trying to adjust the price or include anything 'extra' for it.

ploody5235d ago

Exactly, I just want to hear them come out and say, "the PS3 sucks and no one wants it." Give me one good reason to own one. Listen to them compare the ps2 to the 360, thats like comparing a trailer to a mansion. I've got news for sony, last week Wal-mart sold more rolls of toilet paper, than sony did ps2s all last month. What now sony? Where is that freakin awesome console you promised us?

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The story is too old to be commented.