Insomniac’s Spider-Man “Will Look Awesome” Both on PS4 Pro & PS4; New Footage Was In-Game/In-Engine

Yesterday Sony Interactive Entertainment showcased a brief look on new Spider-Man footage by Insomniac Games, and today the developer took to Twitter to add more details and respond to questions.

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S2Killinit2876d ago

Yeah it really looked great didnt it. Im looking forward to it. It also helps that spiderman is my favorite superhero.

Erik73572876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

bro look at that PRO upscaling in action!

Sparta072876d ago

Too bad you have to wait almost two years to play a game that looks good as this!!!!

Erik73572876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

But I have a ps4 sooooo to bad I don't?

S2Killinit2876d ago

Imagine what they can do in VR with Pro's specs (:

Its good to be a gamer right about now.

trooper_2876d ago

Yes, brag about that power!

So where's the games huh?

extermin8or2875d ago

You can't see the difference on streams lol or even YouTube, even with 4k tv the image isn't going to ve anywhere near as Good as it was for those there.

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ApocalypseShadow2876d ago

Sony don't look like their playing around with spiderman. Insomniac is pushing the limits on this exclusive.

PhoenixUp2876d ago

I wish Sony would hurry up with giving this game an official name already.

Inzo2876d ago

Really looking forward to this. There hasnt been a great Spiderman game since Spiderman 2 and this game makes me hopeful.

Lonnie182876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Yes Spiderman is looking awesome, I mean that's what it's all about right there...gaming! I mean I love the direction Insomniac is going with this title, a perfect fit for the company.

That gets me wondering though, I like it, you like it but the gaming community is so critical and toxic this gen...when it releases they will be like but but it's not native 4k 60fps! Sigh who cares? How many broadcast are native 4k, how many HDR movies are there? Not many, a handful in fact! So why all the hate? Look at the beautiful Uncharted 4 in all it's 30fps glory...does it truly matter as long as you have a talented team in the creation process? The short answer is no!

Sorry for the rant but enough is enough, just sit back and enjoy, soak up the pleasures of what gaming has to offer instead of trying to tear it down.

zeksta2876d ago

It's just unfortunately the toxicity of this generation of gamers, when it comes down to it, as long as you're enjoying it and having fun that's all that matters and that's exactly the aim of developers.

ritchi452876d ago

I blame the self-entitled millennial generation.

medman2875d ago

People can't be happy unless they're miserable.

Lonnie182875d ago

Yep it's just as Mr. Smith said in the Matrix lol.