No, Sony And Microsoft. Most People Don’t Want A New Playstation Or Xbox Right Now

With the Playstation 4 Pro heading for a November release and Microsoft’s new Xbox, codenamed Project Scorpio, on the horizon for next year, consumers are stuck with a question – do you need or want one?

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Malice-Flare796d ago

well, you're in luck. if you don't need 4K, there's the standard PS4 (Slim) or the XBox One...

NewMonday796d ago

"enough" people want the PS4 Pro, so if it is only 25% out of 40 million that makes it 10 million who are most likely the premium costumers, and they would want to hold on to them.

RedDevils796d ago

I still find little to no reason to get the Pro, I rather get the Scorpio if I want a big upgrade, as I don't own an X1. Beside the OG Ps4 did almost everything that the Pro can do, It can play VR just like the Pro except not as smooth. The only way the Pro can get me to buy it if the OG PS4 cannot play the game on the PRO.

NewMonday796d ago (Edited 796d ago )


that's the beautiful thing, you don't have to buy it if the PS4 is good for you, they specifically made it to be this way, it's made to satisfy those who want more right now, like me. or those holdouts who want a bigger reason to upgrade.

America has mostly upgraded but in the rest of the world -specifically Asia- the PS3 is still popular and getting major releases like Persona 5. with the double deal of a cheap Slim and more powerful Pro Sony want to push harder for the Asian market, it's why they did a special Asian presentation the same day of the Pro reveal that had many bundles.

game4funz796d ago

Based on sales it's more like 5%-10%

BTW basing this on sales for exclusives. Which is what the hardcore fans tend to go for.

LordMaim795d ago

It makes sense for new customers, but early adopters who have the PS4 or day one Xbox One get screwed. I wish they'd just waited a year and put out a whole new generation.

795d ago
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Redx165796d ago

Well PS4 Pro isn't really 4k either...

Malice-Flare796d ago

neither will Scorpio, a GTX 1070 couldn't push Rise of the Tomb Raider past 31 fps @ native 4K and High Detail setting and that's a 6.46 TF card and they're claiming Scorpio will do 60 fps? maybe if they bump the specs more...

game4funz796d ago

No it isn't but you see you'll still get disagrees. Remember be a zombie and repeat after me. 4KKKKKKKayyyyy

We don't know what card they have in the Scorpio... We know some of the work in progress specs.

blackblades796d ago (Edited 796d ago )

I wanna see what it does in sales when it comes out. That'll prove if people wanted it or not and if they care about it not having a ultra blueray drive.

ziggurcat796d ago

"most people"? are there statistics that back up this generalization?

Rimeskeem796d ago

are you expecting journalist to do.... "research"?

Concertoine796d ago

The PS4 pro and scorpio arent even targetting the mass market anyway, they are premium models. People wanted more power, they got it. It is for those people.

blawren4795d ago

There never is. Just their perception...cries of no one asked for this, everyone has multiple consoles, or no one buys a specific consoles for 3rd/1st party games(take your pick). Facts that can't be easily obtained and proven are mired in superlatives and speculation taken as fact.

eagle21796d ago

How about the millions that don't own one? Did you consider them? lol

RedDevils796d ago

How about the 40m people that own the PS4, and is not in the hurry to upgrade?

Aenea796d ago

And how about the 40m people that own a PS4 and do want to upgrade? I know I do!

MasterCornholio796d ago (Edited 796d ago )

That just means that Sony designed a system with some long legs. Which isn't a bad thing.

But like Aenea says there are bound to be current PS4 owners who want something like the Pro. Same goes for new owners as well

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YinYangGaming796d ago

As someone who recently got a 4K/HDR TV this is, in fact, exactly what I want.

SquidBuck796d ago

haha the money you spent on that tv plus a new console could have built you a pc capable of much more, lolol

BattleAxe796d ago

It's all based on your own preference. Some people like the livingroom experience, so why not get what you want?

NewMonday796d ago

and how would he play the PC without the screen? or do you suggest playing a high end PC on a cheep 15' monitor?

Aenea796d ago

Yep, indeed, except that PC setup is hard to watch TV and movies on and isn't, in most homes, in the living room....

Besides, many console gamers have a reason to play on a console instead of a PC, otherwise everyone would be a PC gamer instead....

YinYangGaming796d ago

I like playing on a big screen TV and I prefer the simplicity inherent in the console design, chillax

yeahright2796d ago

Why are some PC gamers so anxious to insult console gamers while at the same time beg them to become PC gamers?

game4funz796d ago

Look at this... Now everyone is saying that pc is not for everyone and console owners don't want pc... But when it was in regards to the Xbox.... Yup everyone wants a pc instead.

The upgrade is unnecessary unless there are either exclusives and/or games on the standard Ps4 begin to perform much much worse.

blawren4795d ago

That's the dumbest thing I've heard all week. If they wanted a PC, they would be talkikng about a PC. They are talking about a gaming console and a TV. not the same thing.

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ZaWarudo796d ago

I'd rather build a PC. These mid generation console upgrades are going to set a very bad precedent if it turns out to be successful.

game4funz796d ago

Like with dlc and micro transactions... It seems some gamers will never learn until it's too late.

Buying either pro or Scorpio... Unless there's exclusivity... It's like saying to Sony and Microsoft that they can release as many iterations of a console as they want. And slowly but surely begin to force people to upgrade everytime in order to experience a game as it should be.... Right now they're shutting down all the concerns by saying.... No one is getting left behind and the games will work on both, etc... We've yet to see what will actually happen.

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