Super Mario Run: The Future of Mobile Gaming

Super Mario Run was announced at this year's Apple Keynote. The future of Nintendo and mobile gaming has come to center stage like never before.

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eagle212876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

I hope it's a really solid Mario game, we know it will do well in popularity.

Player3Podcast2876d ago

It will be popular, but Nintendo purists may take issue with it being an endless runner.

Psychonaut852875d ago

Good thing it's not an endless runner then. The video clearly states and shows that there are separate levels with ending flagpoles at the end of each level. This will be much more akin to the Rayman phone games than an endless runner. Which as a side note, were both excellent.

mikeslemonade2875d ago

You guys ruining core gaming by supporting mobile.

Lazybones20202876d ago

I am excited to play the game myself. While I prefer to play games on consoles, I appreciate the ability to take out my phone and play a bit of Mario wherever I am.

blawren42875d ago

there is no reason mobile can't coexist with consoles. game looks fun.

EddieNX 2875d ago

I might try it once, but after playing Mario maker 3D land, 3D world it's gunna suck bad... I cannot however, wait to see what Mario game is innevitably in production for the NX.

Mario Run will DEFINITELY be huge though and will help Nintendo in every way.

Player3Podcast2876d ago

This is where the future of Nintendo lies -- their IP on other platforms.

Lazybones20202876d ago

Only time will tell where this takes the Big N. Its the beginning of a real game changer.

LOL_WUT2875d ago

Trust me they'll make a ton of money by doing so don't let the naysayers tell you otherwise. ;)

Psychonaut852875d ago

I agree. I'd be thrilled to see Nintendo just go third party and stop making hardware. Their hardware is gimmicky, and the third party titles are mostly shovelware, but they create some of the most consistently high quality first party titles in the industry. Being able to play Zelda, Mario, etc. on console or PC with a normal controller and higher end graphics would be awesome. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a gimmicky console with maybe 10 games a cycle that are any good.

BrandanT2875d ago

Your comment is proof of the damage the Wii u has done to their reputation.

wonderfulmonkeyman2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

"I'd be thrilled to see Nintendo just go third party and stop making hardware"

You don't care for Nintendo's long-term success, then.
Real fans want them to improve their consoles, and their advertisement.
They also don't sit there begging Nintendo to port everything everywhere else, by telling them to try selling to the people on rival consoles who only buy "mature" third party games, and would never buy the next Mario when the latest Assassin's Creed, CoD, BF, FF, RE, Fifa, Forza and flavor-of-the-month sandbox release at the same time.

Nintendo has no future selling to Sony and Microsoft consoles, let alone PC where anything Nintendo would just be ripped and emulated instead of bought.
They're only doing well on mobile because that's an entirely different, much more casual, audience, and the games on it from Nintendo are designed to be lesser experiences suited for the different tastes of said audience.

It would be like Sony and Microsoft trying to put Infamous and Halo onto Nintendo systems while dropping their own; sacrificing their hardware, and insulting a fanbase they could make grow with better hardware decisions, by forcing them to go over to a different console they might not want, for the sake of selling their first party to an audience that would rather buy Nintendo games instead, is just as stupid a move as the reverse is.

No more port begging, guys.
If you really want Nintendo to flourish, encourage them to improve both hardware and software to regain high sales in both areas.
Competition is good for the industry, and a two-dog race is less exciting, and less healthy, than with three. Nintendo needs to stick around just as much as Microsoft and Sony do.

rjason122874d ago

Can you go one sentence without using the word "gimmick" damn man. That's a gimmick right there. Using gimmick to bash Nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Not even close.
Nintendo's already stated that Mobile is a SIDE VENTURE designed to draw attention to their own hardware.
And given the fact that Pokèmon GO made Pokèmon game sales, and console sales, rise, what they're doing is the correct choice.
They aren't ever going to go full mobile, and you'll never play Zelda on PS4 or XB1.
Buy a Nintendo system if you want core Nintendo games instead of mini experiences on mobile.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Yes IPs on other platform such as mobile to generate awareness for their platform. Not their IPs on other platform cause you people don't like Nintendo system.
And they aren't gonna put anything on PS or Xbox system/

Huguinho2874d ago

To the fanboys: please understand, what Nintendo is doing is giving the middle finger to micro and sony, showing them that even tough the sales failure of the wii u, they´ll never, ever be releasing their IPs on those consoles, we all know that you, fanboys, really want to play their beloved franchises on your hyper-powered boxes, so that way you wont have to beg your parents to buy you another console, that Nintendo hardware you hate so much; but saddly for you that wont ever happen, and im going to enjoy every second of it.

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LOL_WUT2875d ago

I honestly believe that if the WiiU would've been successful the idea about going mobile would've never occurred :)

FreeSpeech692875d ago

And so the mighty have fallen. Nintendo has become Sega.

ZeekQuattro2875d ago

How so? Nintendo is still making platforms while Sega isn't and hasn't been for a long time. Nintendo is simply doing what Microsoft, Sega, Sony and other companies have been doing for years.

FreeSpeech692874d ago

I was being dramatic. Microsoft and Sony makes Smartphones so not comparable. I really hope the NX delivers but I think it's going to be a gaming tablet tbh.

spoilerjerk2875d ago

As somebody who has been very disappointed in the Wii and Wii U I would have to say I don't think Nintendo is becoming Sega (at least yet). While I agree that their hardware future is going away quickly and that NX will be their last console I think they have a brighter future than any other company as a third party developer. Sega never had the franchise power or quality from game to game - if Nintendo were publishing games on Apple/Android/Sony/Microsoft they would be the most dominated developer in the world. The announcements on mobile platforms is the first step Nintendo is taking in a new direction away from home consoles.

rjason122874d ago

Can you let me use that crystal ball to see who's gonna win the next Super Bowl? Seeing as though you know for sure that the NX will be the last Nintendo home console.