Why The Scorpio Reveal Caused Sony To Blunder Their PS4 Pro Conference

Alex Gibson from WGTC writes "Put simply, HDR and 4K compliment the Pro’s boosted hardware, but they should have been a footnote, not the precedent of which the entirety of the conference was articulated by. But, conscious of appearing inferior to the Scorpio’s more impressive specifications, Sony were restricted in their ability to show off the measure of Pro’s power upgrade over the base unit."

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basilboxer1906d ago

It really wasn't Sony's best moment. It's kind of bewildering after they've had such a great run of press conferences and momentum as of late. The Pro is a luxury item - its an Iphone + .. still, there just wasn't enough information to make it sound appealing. Why so much talk about 4k and HDR?

2pacalypsenow1906d ago

Because the future is 4k and HDR.

darthv721906d ago

I enjoyed the sony show but I do think MS stole allot of their thunder with the announcement of the XB1S and its features that nobody was expecting. A slimmed down XB1, yes but adding in UHD and HDR thanks to improving things on the inside was a surprise. Then to talk about the scorpio and some of its features that leapfrogged over anything that was previously leaked about Neo (P4P).

Sony even used the same buzzwords MS did: 4K, HDR, ecosystem, forward compatible. No doubt Sony had a good show but I couldnt help feel it was to be expected and at times rather awkward.

mikeslemonade1906d ago

Nice to see Ps4 Pro on the top spot of Amazon video game list.

Erik73571906d ago

Honestly, seeing the game reveals was the best part. This ps4 pro was pretty much what I expected it to be plus the surprise in horizon gameplay, spiderman,etc.

PhilSpincer1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

ummm Yes. The PS4 pro reveal was such a blunder and disappointment that it has now rocketed to the number 1 spot an amazon .com and's best sellers list.

Doesn't seem like people are confused to me. The reveal of the Xbox one s never created such demand. It went to number 5 at best.

I have no interest in 4k but I pre ordered the pro as soon as it became available. The confirmation that games would push visuals as far as possible at 1080p was enough to bring me on board

cyx1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

The game reveals spoke for themselves that amount of detail in spidy's suit was too good and we werent even watching in hdr or 4k . i was blown away by for honor honestly though. That amount of detail and richness brought life to that viking and samurai. i rather them do that then go on and on about what it "could" do without showing it which is what i expected. Of course i expect more detailed info as the release draws closer

donthate1906d ago

Sony got a taste of their own medicine. The sort of thing they did to the Dreamcast when they announced the PS2. They tried it again with the PS3, but the real world performance didn't deliver and the price was overkill.

Master of Unlocking1906d ago

OMG, you're bringing that again? Really?
Awwrighty, sing along!
"The things that killed the Dreamcast were the three Ps: Peter Moore, Piracy...."
...gah, won't bother. Get a life chump.

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zcmilano1906d ago

For newcomers the Pro makes total sense.. Its $100 more for a superior product that will, eventually, result in a better gaming experience. But for now, I'm not interested in upgrading... Not until I have a 4K TV.

Erik73571906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

It doesn't even play games at native 4k lol... you would enjoy noticeably sharper textures in select view past released games and for all future major game and probably a more responsive OS on it.

IF you already have a ps4 it's probably not worth it but its good for someone just now buying one.

Junpei9991906d ago

They could have used a lot more side by side comparisons. As a PC gamer who runs things at max settings, it was clear to me that the PS4 Pro is bringing a lot more horsepower to the table. It might not be so clear for those who are only exposed to console gaming.

FTLmaster1906d ago

Interesting article. Personally, I'm curious how much the Scorpio will cost. The Ps4 pro has been priced right imho. Messaging was always going to be prickly for the neo/scorpio. But you're right, MS's more minimalist approach with Scorpio has been more effective thus far.

That being said I'll probably be picking up a ps4 pro as I'm going to be getting a 4k TV soon. I think Sony are trying to deliberately position the ps4 pro as something existing ps4 owners don't *need* to upgrade to, which results in a slightly half-hearted feeling approach, if you know what I mean.

gamerpop1906d ago

Sure, the price is right and the power is right - the Pro is a decent system. The issue was the way it was marketed at the conference.

Also, Sony not wanting current users to upgrade doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I'm pretty sure they would want people to invest in the console.

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