Ninja Blade - New Screenshots

From Software published some new screenshots of Ninja Blade for Xbox 360. Check them out.

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cherrypie3719d ago

Fantastic! This game looks just aweseome. Ninja's *need* this kind of freedom, like current "fly-by-wire" martial-arts films.

Just sweet. I cant wait for this one.

gaffyh3719d ago

You are way too excited for a game that we know almost nothing about and have only seen a pre-rendered trailer for.

Fishy Fingers3719d ago


The same could of been said about me and Heavy Rain up until a few weeks ago, or go back a few years with KillZone. I was hyped for both of those titles long before I saw any footage (in game).

If he wants to be excited, let him.

MURKERR3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

why do you constantly act like your the father of n4g?
half your posts are neither negative or positive just 'on the fence' i guess so you dont lose any bubbles, or you constantly act like your very important

seriously sort it out, a million bubbles dont make you a man

Fishy Fingers3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

What? Because I dont moan and rant about things? My comments general sit on the fence because that's where I sit. I dont care about systems or manufacturers or whatever. Just games and gaming news.

All my comment said was it isn't right to tell someone not to be excited, it's there personal right to feel how they want.

My comments are just my opinions bro, I'm not gonna lie or whatever just to fit in with a "certain" crowd.

dachiefsman3719d ago


Fishy is allowed to comment at least he is a GAMER and not some one who trolls articles. I applaud that any day on this site.

People need to stop supporting consoles and support the games.

MURKERR3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

he had his say portrayed his excitement gaff said something which made sense and you come in acting all father like when theres no need to

just because you have no preference of a console they both have their positives and faults, you are a fence sitter and its all because of bubbles i have no beef with you your prob a nice guy but just be real dude and not scared to rock the boat because of bubbles.we should all be able to debate intelligently

thenickel3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Ok i take that comment back. It was inappropriate.

okcomputer3719d ago

Its simple, people get all excited about games they know nothing about other than a few screens whenever they're exclusive. I remember people getting all hyped up over afrika before anyone even knew what the hell the game was about. If heavy rain or ninja blade were multiplats their forums would be almost empty.

3719d ago
Nevers3719d ago

Wow... talk about pretty. And very cinematic shots... can't wait to see more on this one.

um... Tecmo.. take note...


Fishy is right, no need to be a fanboy just because there is tons of them around. You care about consoles? Than talk about consoles, let people that don't want to talk about it alone, jeez...

Anyway, I don't think this is comparable to Heavy Rain. Anyone that played Indigo Prophecy would be hyped. This ninja game came out from nowhere.

That said, I'm not trying to be the owner of truth here and say people can't be hyped about it. I'm an action/hack'n'slash fan, so obviously I'm paying attention to it. But this don't mean justified expectation, I don't expect nothing right now.

etownone3719d ago

I agree with fishy. murkeer is a troll, plain and simple.
on that note,
ONLY ON XBOX 360!!!!! :)

RememberThe3573719d ago

I think I'll be following this game a little more.

MiloGarret3718d ago

I'd be a happy camper with a ninja gaiden clone, honestly... If you're gonna copy an action game, why not copy the (IN DIS PU TA BLY) best?

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Montrealien3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

I love From software games, this should be great. Metal Wolf Chaos 2 also pls? pretty pls? lol

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Stryfeno23719d ago

Looking good...Need to see more though.

gano3719d ago

This a hot game. I wanna see some action.

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