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John Carmack says Sony made a mistake with Cell

Speaking in a lengthy interview with Game Informer at CES, id Software's John Carmack has once again backed the Xbox 360, revealing that he believes Microsoft's development tools "are so much better than Sony's."

"We've got our PlayStation 3 dev kits, and we've got our code compiling on it. I do intend to do a simultaneous release on it. But the honest truth is that Microsoft dev tools are so much better than Sony's," said Carmack. "I think the decision to use an asymmetric CPU by Sony was a wrong one. There are aspects that could make it a winning decision, but they're not helpful to the developers."

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achira5279d ago

hmmm, when this guy says it. doom3 is a good game, i honor his opinion! but you know everyone has its own.

Marty83705279d ago

Carmack is just a lazy programmer,that hates changes in the way he does things.Funny how all ID's games are comin too PS3 yet are outsourced cos he can't use PS3's 'Cell'.lol

JasonXE5272d ago

like you ever coded anything in your life that has worth meaning too. Can't take the negative comments seriourly when you never been in his position before.

MrFurious5279d ago

What I think is that Carmack is much overpassed by events and chalengers are doing far more better engines and games...Doom 3 is not a fantastic game and was blown away by FarCry and other nice FPS...Hey Carmack, let's go and work!

darx5279d ago

for the 360. Will most likely land more exclusives due to ease of developing (lowers cost) and the largest and growing install base.

shikwan5279d ago (Edited 5279d ago )

"his opinion"...but this is not the opinion of a auto mechanic. His opinion has weight-wheter you agree or not!

And he surely isn't in Microsoft's back pocket (he actually despises consoles and MS). So, he has no reason to BS. Must be true!

And as far as questioning his talents; he made the engine that runs Quake 4 & PREY as well as Doom 3. That engine is the only true challenger to the Unreal engine.