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Microsoft: Xbox Scorpio's power advantage over PS4 Pro 'will be obvious'

"Penello was confident that Microsoft's upcoming console will convincingly eclipse Sony's upgraded hardware. "

"The performance delta will be obvious," said Penello.

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Community1957d ago
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Krangs_Uncle1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

In a year once Sony have swallowed up a whole years worth of market share.. MS are going to find it tough when the gaping hole in sales will only widen and support for Sony will only grow. I also don't think it is strictly true that the power will be obvious when Sony's 1st party studios pump out their exclusives.. Uncharted 4, God of War, Horizon ETC. (list goes on) are the graphical beasts this gen, and the Pro will only accentuate that.

Multi-platform of course will perform better on Scorpio, but the exclusives from Sony are what I'm after.. MS's gaming outlook after Gears of War is dry as a bone for me. I want to build a PC for Star Citizen mainly, but the MS games would be a plus.

I think MS are trying to start a new gen here - there is no inclusion of the word 'one' within the Scorpio's name (might change?), I think they are trying to get away from this gen as quick as possible. The Remedy PR head even thinks so..

S2Killinit1957d ago

Yup, not to mention that by then we will begin hearing about PS5. How long will scorpio have as the strongest console might be very limited from the looks of things.

christocolus1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

PS5 is the narrative now? Lol...enough with the spin already and even if your predictions were somehow proven right then we would also probably start hearing about the successor to the scorpio a year after and the cycle would continue going on and on......Lol


“while hyping a system that is 14 months away that they know nothing about is

Oh you mean like how you blindly hyped & defended NMS to the ends of the earth and back and verbally attacked anyone who had a contrary opinion from yours about the game? all this before even playing the game for yourself? oh... the irony. At least I can say I know more about Scorpio now than you did NMS prior launch... Lol.

Overload1957d ago

Laughing at the mention of PS5, while hyping a system that is 14 months away that they know nothing about is priceless.

Gazondaily1957d ago


😂 I know right? Let's wait for the PS5 then...apparently coming in 2018. If it did come out then, it wouldn't really be for the players would it?

ThePope1957d ago


Laughing at the mention of a console ZERO people know when is coming Vs hyping a system that pre-orders are going to open soon. There I fixed it for you.

LexHazard791957d ago

@Overload, hahahaha, but we do know it will be more powerful.

343_Guilty_Spark1957d ago

Wouldn't bet on PS5 coming until 2020 at the earliest

Artemidorus1957d ago

Creating a new hype train already? You deserve disappointment for not learning.

Cindy-rella1957d ago

Just like how its obvious ps4 is destroying the xbox one in sales so microsoft stopped giving out sales numbers. Good luck selling a console that'll be about 200 dollars more expensive than its competition next year. Ps4 pro is the most powerful console in the world and will be so for morebthan a year. The ps4 will continue to outsell the xbox one every month worldwide and itll be so for years to come. Some people think that ps4s will automatically stop selling when scorpio is released and then itll be above 60 million,lol. Fanat-X

naruga1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Scorpio =PC thank you alot but i have already pC for games i need the exclusivities of a PS or Nitendoo conosole

blady_man1957d ago

Why does everyone leaves the nx out of the fight!? The could well be stronger than ps4 pro!!

mikeslemonade1957d ago

I think it's lame how n4g has unofficially declaring the Scorpio to be better . Xbox is still irrelevant because it has no exclusives. The Pro is the only way you can play Sony exclusives on high settings. As for the Scorpio, I can do everything better on PC.

So it's really no debate on whether Scorpio or Pro is better. Plus you gotta wait hecka long for Scorpio. What the heck are you gonna play in late 2017 on Scorpio, just same old multiplats that I've been playing on max settings on PC already. People here are so casual.

mikeslemonade1957d ago

Lol at Scorpio fans coming from out from the wood work. Thing is Xbox is still irrelevant. Xbox still has zero exclusives and I've been maxing out games on the PC. For Scorpio you still have to wait one year. By then PS5 will be coming out in a year after that. This is no contest. It's laughable how you have to make come here and clarify something so simple.

Sarcasm1957d ago

The reality is that almost everything you can get on the Xbox One, you can get on the PC. And you pick your poison depending on your price. From GPU's that are 2X to 10X faster. There's no point in getting an Xbox.

S2Killinit1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

since the different between standard PS4 and PS4Pro is actually larger than the different between PS4Pro and scorpio, I'm gonna go ahead and say that for a PS4Pro owner, scorpio will be underwhelming as a next gen console. That's the place MS finds itself in because of having to make the first move to end the current generation.

So, whether these xbots think Sony will let xbox have the only next gen console or not for a year or two year or however long, whats clear is that MS is trying to escape the market they are currently in, which means that Sony's next console (PS5) will be much more powerful than the scorpio. (you know, since they can release after) Its a tough situation for MS being that they are so far behind in install base.

why wouldn't it be "for the player"? How is scorpio for the players if it releases in a year after the xboxoneS?

DiRtY1957d ago

Releasing the PS5 in 2018 would make the PS4 Pro the biggest waste of money.

2019, maybe 2020 is more reasonable.

A 2018 PS5 won't be much more powerful than the 2017 Scorpio anyway. If the Scorpio turns out to be the beast everybody expects it to be, what can Sony do just one year later to significantly outpower it and hit a reasonable price point?

Makes zero sense IMO.

darthv721957d ago

@overlord, there is no coming back from what Chris laid down. Just walk away now while you still have some dignity.

As to the subject at hand. I feel this is the beginning of a cycle that many did not want to happen but it's going to happen anyway. Rather than keep things within a semi-uniformed generational cycle we will get these individual generational cycles that overlap.

So the scorpio is a next gen system (4 years after the xb1) and is coming out in late 2017. Nintendo will have their NX on the market by then and P4P will aslo be on the market by then but Sony will likely be working on the PS5 to come out in 2019/20 and then MS will likely also be working on something more powerful for 2021/22.

So you see, these systems will all be staggered now instead of within the same time frame that we have become accustomed to. For now, we can assume there will be this constant back and forth every year or other year of a newer and better tech coming out. And my body and wallet are NOT ready.

AngelicIceDiamond1957d ago

"Yup, not to mention that by then we will begin hearing about PS5" So you're gonna skip the current Pro console for a a full blown PS5? You know how pissed off ppl will be if they did that!? People would of gotten robbed with Pro this year if they hint at a PS5. Think about that for a minute Sony didn't necessarily light the world on fire with Pro announcement according to several articles.

Skillz12151957d ago

@chrisocolus hey since were talking about consoles that wont be coming out till over a year from now my as wel talk about the PS5

GameNameFame1957d ago

Wait wait so 40% power difference is noticeable now?

I thought that with Xbox One being behind power that much, it is unnoticeable? Cause Upscaled 1080P is same as native?

I love how spin changes so fast.

game4funz1956d ago

Ps5 by next year?????
Yea that would be the shittiest move by Sony in the history of gaming. New console now and talk of another new console within the year.... Yea that's extremely sad for console gamers.

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Gazondaily1957d ago

Power wise, Scorpio is merking the Pro so much that people are talking about the Scorpio being a new gen.

In a way I do agree that MS are desperate to bury the problems of old. But Scorpio will enable them to do just that, but without forsaking the Xbox One.

43% more power (on paper) is not to be scoffed at. I wonder how much better Scorpio will fare with attempting native 4K. Obviously it stands a much better chance over the P4P but will it be a big difference?

Also the VR stuff on Scorpio ♏ should be beastly if done right. Support Elite Dangerous!

madmonkey011957d ago

i thought 40% power difference didn't matter? but for another year or so there is a 350% power difference between the consoles,

1957d ago
ThePope1957d ago


If you read the comment section of the articles talking about the PS4P people are all of a sudden making it seem like power no longer matters. Which ever company has the most powerful console (or will have) fans will always trumpet power, the fans that dont (or wont) will always downplay it.

DARK_WOLF1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


0.5tf gpu difference while having a slower cpu and both systems having 8gb ram is not much of a difference.

Scorpio has a much better cpu than ps4p. A 2+ tf gpu advantage and 12gb ram vs only 8 on ps4p.

The difference is Huuuge by comparison.

It will be obvious unlike this xb1 vs ps4 which is barely negligable in real life. U ppl need df with a microscope and computers to tell u what to think otherwise u wouldnt know.

Silly gameAr1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

It will take more than power for people to care about Scorpio, and I'm pretty sure you guys know that already. So keep talking about a console that's more then a year away, while comparing it to a console that's a little more than 2 months away, and see which one the world is going to care about first.

Makish1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Sony let me down , just like the X! reveal did,Sony Made the pro weaker on purpose because it wasnt cost efficient to make it as powerful as the Scorpio and now we arernt going to get native 4k games because of Sony, most multiplatform games are on Sonys side (rightfully so because they are winning) , which means most to all multiplatform games will be 1080p upscaled to 4k and only few microsoft and sony first party games will be at 4k native

FYI with playstaion vr , sony isnt making a new console for 3-5 years because there VR is their new console, just like the ps move and kinect pushed back a new console cycle by 3 years

S2Killinit1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

"without forsaking the xbox one" ? Really? I'm pretty sure the older xbox owners don't have VR, also MS already said that they will "leave it to the developers if they want to make exclusives for scorpio"; sounds like a new generation to me, and it also sounds like somebody is leaving the small but dedicated xbox owners behind, only after what 3 years?

"43% more power" is a small gap when you compare it to PS4Pro's power difference with the standard PS4. Some people are saying PS4Pro isn't a big difference, but somehow the smaller gap between the PS4Pro and scorpio is "not to be scoffed at". I think its fair to say for a PS4Pro owner, the scorpio will be an underwhelming upgrade.

In the meantime, PSVR and PS4Pro will have VR games and 1st party studios will be gaining experience with VR. Once scorpio comes out it will be a long time before you see any worthy VR games on it because scorpio is the only xbox that is VR capable, and so the install base on scorpio VR will have to start from zero. No developer will be rushing to build games for it. PS4 already has over 40 million VR ready consoles. So yeah, keep waiting for scorpio, I'll play my PSVR on the PS4Pro, and then upgrade to PS5 if it comes out soon. If not I may or may not consider scorpio just to hold me out until PS5 arrives.

extermin8or1957d ago

Diminishing returns.... The effect of the power difference between ps4 pro and Scorpio will likely be less than that of ps4 to ps4 pro.

GameNameFame1957d ago


PS4 has 18 Compute units. While Xbox One has 12 compute units. Each compute units were same on both consoles.

That is pretty significant difference.

I thought xbox fanboys like you said graphics are so good nowdays, because of diminishing return, 40 percent difference in power isnt visible. Cant tell anything about 720P cause your eyes cant see smaller pixel?

Lawl. This spin is so funny.

miyamoto1956d ago

Without Japan and Asia support Xbox will never be world champion.

CaptainObvious8781956d ago

Weren't you one of the people downplaying the power difference between the xbone and ps4?

"43% more power (on paper) is not to be scoffed at."

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Death1957d ago

If your assumption is that Microsoft's goal is to have more sales, I see where you are coming from. I don't think Microsoft is trying to sell more consoles. They are creating a completely different equation all together. By shifting away from traditional cycles they aren't limited to console sales. Gamers can play on more powerful PC's, Scorpio or simply on the Xbox One. If Windows 10 is the common denominator, games will automatically take advantage of the hardware they are played on. This is what they meant when talking about making games backward and forwards compatible.

mcstorm1957d ago

Finally someone sees what Microsoft are doing. Also Microsoft have come out and said they want to build a console that is forward and backwards compatible going forward. So that means when the xbox after Scorpio will play all the games you own plus new ones that come out but Scorpio will carry on playing new games that come out in a lower rez but if you don't want to own a console as your into gaming on pc then their games are on Windows 10 to. That's a win win for MS as there are an X amount of extra racing/fighting/shooting/rpg fans on pc that will look to pickup games like Halo (If it comes) Forza, KI, Recore ect.

No for Sony they have made the Pro to show off VR which is what it really needs imo but sony are going in a different direction to MS and by the sounds of it Nintendo. The question for Sony will be when they bring out the PS5 will it work with PS4 games? or will that move to PS Now. Will Sony move to PS Now and not need a consoles?

No one know what's going to happen and I don't see the Pro sparking more sales for the PS4 but it will be interesting to see how it sell and also the PS VR as in the UK its going to cost around £800 for everything if you don't have anything which I don't see a lot of people doing.

That said the hype is back for gaming now so lets sit back and enjoy the ride.

Overload1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Of course this is the Xbox 2, which is why MS says console generations are over and Sony says the opposite.

Of course no one will admit it, but this is the same fanbase that said Kinect is the future when you say "Xbox On" and DRM wasn't a big deal.

Microsoft will tell them whatever they want and they'll accept it.

Retroman1957d ago

soooooooooo, what X1S is more powerful. who gives a rat-ass. long as the console (any) is powerful for your games and it turn on. you able to play Multiplayer games online who cares?? "what you want MS??? a cookie?? pat on the shoulder?? you found a upper hand at the moment over Sony here's my oatmeal cookie want milk with that??

Prubar1957d ago

After Gears it's dry as a bone? You mean besides Crackdown, Cup Head, Sea of thieves, Halo Wars, and Scalebound? Man you guys come up with lame excuses.

Altovoltage1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I'm sure they will drop the price of the PS4 Pro when the Scorpio releases and we will probably see a PS5 in 2 years.

lastking951957d ago

Sony becoming the apple of game consoles. That would be 4 consoles in 5 years!

DJustinUNCHAIND1957d ago

Damnit! Why are you guys always changing the tune?

joeorc1957d ago


[I think MS are trying to start a new gen here - there is no inclusion of the word 'one' within the Scorpio's name (might change?), I think they are trying to get away from this gen as quick as possible. The Remedy PR head even thinks so..]

Agreed, but also if it's not pretty clear by now what Microsoft's attempts to do in this situation, it's pretty clear what they are and have been trying to do..

This Advantage on a performance level, is just exactly like their whole movement to bring back the PC developers and Publishers back into the fold.

Microsoft's wanting to change the Arguments of instead of coding and mainly publishing for the game console market as it is now...code and publish as if it was just another Extension of the Windows OS PC market , instead of looking at making a Priority of your development time and investments into a non PC standard set of development Tools and graphics Api's that only really Apply to one console's Companies platform instead go with Windows 10 , DirectX12, and UWP instead as your go to platform 1st for developers & Publishers.

As it stands now many PC developers and publishers stuck with Windows 7 mainly on steam over Windows 8 and Windows 10 is still not the main Windows OS on steam for Gaming.

Microsoft's wants that to change, unfortunately for Microsoft's Arguments, PS4 as a platform is not the one trailing in the games console market now, it's the Xbox as a platform that does not have the main market share in the game console market, thus by connecting Xbox with Windows 10 PC as one single Eco system Microsoft hopes to change that.

Channel-Live1957d ago

Spoken like a true fanboy

4Sh0w1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago ) now we are going to talk about PS5, thats desperate fanboy talk, with PS4Pro not even out yet, no way in hell Sony will even mention PS5 in the next 2 yrs, and very likely it won't launch for at least another 3 years, maybe 4yrs to make a decent return on PS4Pro investment.

Hey but enough of the fanboy rhetoric, truthfully both companies have made a calculated trade off....Sony (somewhat surprisingly) has sacrificed power for a early mid to 3/4 cycle launch vs Microsoft who's basically going for a near end console gen major power increase.

Both have their advantages & disadvantages, Sony gets a more limited power boost in the PS4Pro NOW, yet in a year it will be significantly surpassed by Scorpio. Microsoft, while not truly moving on to a next gen platform (apparently this is going to be the new norm for platform development= BC) YES they will have a extra full year to develop some cutting edge high spec exclusives for Scorpio's launch, while also generating some major 3rd party support for Scorpio. They will obviously have a significantly more powerful console for multiplatform games vs their competitors for a minimum of 2-3yrs all by themselves, which will obviously benefits them during that stretch. Downside is of course PS4Pro will have a head start on install base and likely be cheaper than its launch price. -Yet I don't think that will matter much at all, those who want an idea of next gen gaming/major power boost over current generation hardware will buy a Scorpio like early adopters and hardcore gamers always do.

That's it neither is the "better way". lol, sure PS4Pro will have already sold millions but just stop with the doom and gloom rhetoric because neither will fail....both have a huge fanbase and even ps fans have to admit that the Scorpio will benefit from the anticipation of a greater spec'd machine over the next year., also 3rd party dev's will have every incentive to support both platforms as they do now even though ps4 sold more than X1= plenty of money to be made from both....of course like now both will have great games & terrible ones too. lol

It's really that simple, only fanboy think one or the other is doomed.

1957d ago
BossBattle1957d ago

Yeah the Neo must be the start of a new generation also. Thanks for letting me know.

marioJP871957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I agree with you. Multi plats will run better on Scorpio but when Sony's first party developers (Espeeeeeeeecially Naughty Dog) develop for PS4 Pro, it'll knock microsoft's exclusives graphically.
I also said that if Microsoft wants to prove scorpio isnt the start of their new gen console, they should name it 'Xbox One Scorpio' and not 'Xbox Scorpio'.

EpicSandwich1957d ago

The damage control today has been out of this world hilarious

Aceman181957d ago

This is not geared towards you Uncle lol, but the delusional fans of the other brand lol.

Honestly I don't care how much power their new system will have under the hood I'm not gonna spend anymore money on MS products especially since their 1st party studios keep throwing out the same damn games.

Also let's not act like the system is going to magically erase the huge 20 million (probably soon to be 30 million gap) all of a sudden.

MS will never be as popular worldwide as Sony no matter how hard you try to convince yourself and others here.

rainslacker1957d ago

MS intent until they release the Scorpio is to try and give people pause when buying a system, hoping they'll hold out for a year for the vague promises that it will simply be better. MS needs to start showing results IMO, because just going around saying it's better impresses the fan boys, and fan boys, for the most part, aren't the people you need to market to to get them to buy your system.

It's like saying, "Best line up ever", DX12 will rule all, or "Cloud will significantly improve things. You can say that all day long, but if you can't show it in a way that makes people believe it, it doesn't mean anything. As of right now, the only people who seem impressed by all of MS marketing and all their power and better products, are those who seem inclined to prefer the brand already.

1956d ago
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YinYangGaming1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

If anything comes out of this it's that the so-called "console war" is back on

TwoForce1957d ago

Let's start a war, shall we ? There is no going back.

Goldby1957d ago

we playing paragon now?

joeorc1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@YinYangGaming2h ago(Edited 2h ago)
[If anything comes out of this it's that the so-called "console war" is back on]

Really ? It's on? How about , it was never off in the 1st place, and the fact that the terms for the game console market is not just central only to the North American and UK markets as the only markets that Matter.

Or the fact that right now Microsoft has only will be producing the Xbox one S now as their only console in production, with the original Xbox one now being phased now until the Xbox one Scorpio, Microsoft is now down to once again One single console in the market for the company at a time...

While both Sony and Nintendo have more than one system at a time in the market.

While Sony still has or will have
PS4 slim
PS4 Pro

In the retail market , at the same time vs 1 single system Microsoft makes , but yet even with all of that Sony is still producing more games than Microsoft in their 1st party than what Microsoft is doing with only one system in the market now.

But yet , let's only count market share and mind share based on the metric data of how well Microsoft single system does in the UK & North American market while at the same time in the Arguments that not only ignore the world wide market , but also Sony has to exclude it's other PlayStation platforms in that Metric so as to show like the Puffer the fish Market , on how Microsoft is stealing Majority of Market share away from Sony..due to being able to inflate it's market penetration size..

It's pretty classic, way of setting the Arguments to a certain way to gear the challenge in a way the completely ignores the real truth.

In market share determination, would Ford or Chevy choose to ignore all the production line models to tally their Market share just because another car company may only have one model in the market?

subtenko1957d ago

There is no war, its already been won by PlayStation :) *hides behind tree*

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Overload1957d ago

Not if it's tied to the Xbox One, which they claim it will be.

DJustinUNCHAIND1957d ago

Says Overload. The guy who has been wrong about nearly everything.

daBUSHwhaka1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Certainly knew all there was to know about No Mans Sky, praised it to bits just to refund it.......meh

Overload1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Aside from No Man's Sky was have I been wrong about? Which I was wrong about, I was lied to.

It's one thing to say it I'm wrong, but prove it.

LexHazard791957d ago

Go play No Mans Sky and leave the real gamers alone.

kraenk121957d ago

You're actually one of the more sensible guys on here. Let them talk.

aconnellan1957d ago

I guess the PS4 Pro isn't more powerful than the PS4 then, because they're so closely tied together

JasonKCK1956d ago

Overload! umm... it works just like it does on PC.

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Neonridr1957d ago

Remember that it is Sony showing their hand earlier. The Xbox One S is here to compete with the PS4 Slim, not the Pro. The Pro and Scorpio will go head to head. And if Sony has plans of releasing a Pro successor in like 2 years time, then they are nuts.

If you don't like MS console exclusives then obviously the Scorpio won't be for you. Just like if you aren't a fan of Sony's then stay away from the Pro. Simple as that. 3rd party games will be interesting when compared side by side if MS can deliver on their numbers. Plus the 4K adoption rate will be a little bit higher come next fall so it will help MS out because they will actually be able to show more of a difference.

madmonkey011957d ago

maybe they will bring a new console 2 years after scorpio, that would give MS an edge for 2 years, but then would be left behind again , that would be a 6 year cycle with a mid gen upgrade. IF MS tries to launch at the same time they would be abandoning the scorpio after only 2 years,

Neonridr1957d ago

but isn't that what is happening here with the Pro? They will have an advantage for a year but then left behind by the Scorpio? Sony is firing first here, the Pro and the Scorpio are competing, not the Xbox One S (which is designed to equate to the PS4 Slim)

GameNameFame1957d ago


Except that Xbox do not have exclusives anymore.

Have you not seen Sony executive's claim of PC being bigger competition?

Xbox loses bad to PC. If people really wanted to care about spec and wanted to play Xbox games, they can build stronger Xbox PC machine today. Dont even need scorpio

Neonridr1956d ago

@GameNameFame - but if they don't have the capital to build a gaming PC, then the XB Scorpio will do just fine. And allow them to play against gamers across more platforms now. Means a larger install base.