Rumour - Xbox Live Experience to launch on September 25

VG247: If this is remotely true, the internet's going to f*****g break. This post on VGChartz reckons New Xbox Experience will launch on September 25 alongside what sounds like a comedic amount of game announcements. Snip:

Microsoft will release a dozen new demos after the launch. There will be four new downloadable pieces of content a preview of the GTA DLC. A Mass Effect expansion. Portal and a free map pack for Halo 3.

Microsoft will unveil twelve new games never seen before that will be exclusive or first on the 360. Strangely enough the author only gives out code names for said games. Though they speculate that among them is Assassins Creed 2, Mass Effect 2, a new Conker title, a Rare shooter new franchise, and two new Halo titles.

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Johnny Rotten4316d ago

this is the same forum post that was created from someone at VG Chartz.

how many more times will this show up today?

xm15e2s4316d ago

This would be very cool indeed.

TOO PAWNED4316d ago

Just another fake rumor spread by MS soldiers. As usual it will generate a lot of hype on internet and probably 150 comments on here but once it doesnt happenend 20% if stuff from that list, same people that hyped this will act stupid and forget about it. LAME

kalle4316d ago

Its the way sony-boys go. . . . . they forget as soon as its known not to be fact.

Kenny_Roger4316d ago


I know it's a rumor but , I hope it's true

Fishy Fingers4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

Yeah we knew this when the source was submitted earlier.

Do people even bother looking?

morriss4316d ago

Forum posts as main sources aren't allowed though. Against the rules.

Fishy Fingers4316d ago

Beside the point, the source was submitted, approved and still remains on the homepage.

Forums while against the rules so are duplicate stories.

morriss4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

It's not beside the point at all. That story should never have made it. Things get Failed after they've been approved very often. You should be reporting that story and allowing this to live as it's posted in the way that N4G wants.

Also, when I submitted the story, that one wasn't in the list of possible duplicates otherwise I would have added it.

Anyway, are you some kind of mod? I didn't see your name with the rest of them in the N4G Forums.

Mc Fadge4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

He is. Everyone contributor on N4G is a kind of mod, they determine what should and shouldn't be on the site. It's a community site, so the community determines what's good or not. So how about you act nice, smart ass.

morriss4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

I thought I've been polite so far. I certainly haven't called anyone names like you just did.

All I'm saying is, if FishyFingers wants to see the rules upheld then he should report the original story as it breaks them. I've seen plenty of stories get failed after approval by the community - so the member aren't mods really as they can't fail stuff - so why should that one be any different?

I think that's a fair point.

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The story is too old to be commented.