Is the PlayStation 4 Pro Worth Buying?

Today Sony unveiled the next iteration of the PlayStation 4, calling it the PlayStation 4 Pro and is coming out this November. See the pros and cons to help decide whether or not you need to buy this console.

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crazychris41242875d ago

I bought it but hugely disappointed about no 4K blu ray drive. It will be fine for now but when I upgrade to a 4K TV next year then I'm gonna have to figure something out.

NewMonday2875d ago

look in the stores, not much 4K BR to buy, and if you do it's $30 a pop , studios are not all in on 4K yet, Disney not doing it, so no Star Wars or Pixar or Marvel movies, and no 4K TV series BR yet.

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PSN_ZeroOnyx2874d ago

Actually my copy of DeadPool on BD also included the UHD 4K BD in the case.

darthv722874d ago

I'd say it's worth buying. Especially in my situation where I have held out for so long on the 8th gen. I could get a 2nd hand Ps4 for cheap but those improved specs have me smitten. Many (who are also holdouts) have said this is the PS4 that the Ps4 should have been well... it will be come November.

As for the whole lack of 4k bluray, the list of titles keeps on growing since 4k became standardized. Even Sony has some movies out and will continue to keep adding more. New releases and HD remasters so this is something that is rather odd but not without rectifying. I believe a fw update could be applied to allow for UHD compatibility when they are ready to deliver it.

At $400 it is a solid buy. After watching the DF video about it, it makes me really wonder what the best set to use with the P4P will be. Many times in that vid they said that 4k is one thing but to really get HDR right you have to have the right set and not to skimp on one that simply supports the mode the PS4 supports. Sony tv's obviously would be the smart choice but there may be other brands that produce better results.

jwillj2k42874d ago

sony will not have a 4k bluray player until 2018 at the earliest vs xbox having 4k bluray today. movies will come, sony should have future proofed themselves. its going to be a rough 2 years.

medman2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

The 4k blu ray prices fluctuate quite a bit, just as blu ray prices do. I picked up the 4k blu ray of The Revenant and Mad Max recently and they were both 21 dollars. Unfortunately for me, I was banking on picking up the Neo assuming the 4k blu ray drive was a given for the console. There really isn't a standalone blu ray player in the U.S. available right now that I like, and Sony's own 4k standalone blu ray player won't hit the market until spring 2017, so I may have to wait a bit to find one that does everything I want it to do.

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PhilSpincer2874d ago

Got mine pre ordered woo hoo!

Genuine-User2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Short personal answer? Yes.

It will be the best system to enjoy PlayStation exclusives and multiplatform games on a console.

Also, I'm invested in the PlayStation eco-system. And I tend to enjoy Sony's exclusive output far more than what Microsoft or Nintendo has on offer. But that's all subjective.

S2Killinit2874d ago

I'm just glad its powerful and cheap. Don't remember using a 4K bluray yet.

medman2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

No 4k blu ray player is a big disappointment. I was pretty upset at it, until I realized the options for standalone 4k blu ray players right now is extremely limited (I believe there is only one option available in the US, unless that changed recently), and even Sony's own 4k blu ray player isn't due to launch until spring 2017. I think Sony just isn't ready from a tech perspective to put a 4k uhd blu ray drive in the ps4 pro, and damned if they were going to take the Microsoft route and use a third party drive.

Hopefully come next year when their own proprietary drives are ready, they'll offer that option to consumers in a ps4 pro that has the 4k drive. If not, Sony will definitely suffer once Scorpio arrives when 3rd party titles will presumably look much better on that console than the ps4 pro, and the Scorpio will have that 4k drive included. I'm wondering if the Scorpio will offer Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, as the xbox one S doesn't offer either of those audio standards. Scorpio backing Dolby Vision as well as HDR10 would be a nice bonus. I'm really hoping the no 4k blu ray drive from Sony really is them just not having any players on the market right now and they just need more time to rectify that.

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NewMonday2875d ago

if you have a 4K TV or planing to get one Pro is an essential, I watched the true 4K clips on my 4KTV and was blown away.

PhilSpincer2874d ago

You are trolling too hard. Not sure why this has got under your skin so much

freshslicepizza2874d ago

will you be blown away when scorpio does native 4k?

but yes, the ps4 pro is worth buying. extra 500gb of hard drive and much higher gpu specs.

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BlackTar1872874d ago

That's the best part no one even knows if Scorpio will run native 4k. They need POWER and really 1 year isn't going to drop the Specs required to run games like Gears and Halo at native 4k to a reasonable console level.

we'll just have to wait and see,.

Perjoss2874d ago

Scorpio is kind of a pointless machine as most of its games will be released on PC. Having a Playstation and a nice gaming PC is the way to go imo, PC to get the free online, mods and all that good stuff that comes as standard with master race gaming, and a PS4 for the best in console exclusives.

DigitalRaptor2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I don't know moldybread.....

Do you reckon people have been blown away by the ways in which the Xbone has utilised the power of the cloud in ways the represented their early PR claims for it, prior to its launch?

Do you reckon Albert Penello - who is one of the mouthpieces for Scorpio - was telling the truth when he, in desperation, came onto NeoGaf and tried convince discerning gamers that Xbone wouldn't be 30% less powerful than the PS4?

Nobody here knows the truth about Scorpio other than it being highly controlled on-paper PR led by people who have lied and misled in the past: a vision for believers... and loyalists. Whether or not Scorpio can comfortably hit native 4K and provide everything else that the PS4 Pro can do at a checkerboard rendered 4K upscale running at 30fps is an unknown entity to us, and potentially I'm sure, even to Microsoft.

Anyway, it's okay dude.... I'll be blown away when I get a 4KTV to compliment my PS4 Pro and play the day-one native 4K games that it is capable of. Because it is capable of doing it, despite the lies that the Xbox faithful are purporting as per usual.

freshslicepizza2874d ago

"When you say native 4K are you talking about in 4K 60fps or 4K 30fps? Because my gtx 1080 can't run at 60fps consistently in a lot of the games I play like Dues EX for example. Definitely will work in all indie games. I don't think the Scorpio gpu will be more powerful than the 1080. If it is more powerful the Scorpio will be very expensive. Another question are you talking about Native in 4K movies or games?"

i will tell you what i expect. i expect games like forza that run at 60fps will be 4k60fps because that is what the game runs at on the xbox one but at 1080p. it was designed with higher frame rates already. what i don't expect is a game like assassins creed running at 30fps to all of the sudden be 4k and 60fps. same with forza horizon, it won't be 4k and 60fps it will be 4k and 30fps since it ran at that frame rate level on the xbox one. does this make sense?

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vikingland12874d ago

If you have a 4k tv already it is definitly worth buying according to DF. For my self having only a 1080p tv, if PS4pro can guarantee locked 60fps at 1080p then it's worth it to upgrade from my PS4.