Electronic Theatre Preview: Warriors Orochi 2

The Dynasty Warriors series has been a huge success worldwide, generating more than nine million sales since its first Japanese release on the PlayStation, back in 1997. Not surprisingly, the series has since seen many spin-offs, including Dynasty Warriors Tactics, Dynasty Warriors Advance, the hugely underrated BladeStorm: The Hundred Years War – underrated to the point that it now becomes difficult to find a single mention of it on Koei's own website – DYNASTY WARRIORS: GUNDAM and, of course, what is now often considered the sister-series, Samurai Warriors. The success of Samurai Warriors has also been fantastic, and so it's no surprise that Koei decided to bring the two together in last year's Warrior's Orochi.

Again, the success of Warriors Orochi came as little surprise, selling more than...

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Digi-Man4324d ago

More repetitive hacking-and-slashing, in a PS2 game dumped on a 360, that'll sell by the bucketloads cuase fans'll lap-it-up.