Where on earth is Alan Wake?

It's one of the most eagerly awaited games on the planet, and one that the world has barely had a whiff of for a couple of years. Where are you, Mr Wake?

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I Make Stuff Up3696d ago

Stuck on the DelayBox.
Sorry, that had to be said.

Dyingduck3696d ago

More like Crapbox according to Fable2

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3696d ago

Maybe he got lost in all that SMOKE the xBox 360's gives off??? ;-D

Tweeperz3696d ago

im looking for bloodmasks have you seen him?

I Make Stuff Up3696d ago

Report this moron's posts as spam.

TheMART3696d ago

Ah look all the PS3 baboons aka Sony tards

There is still one delayking:

Delaystation 3

Where is home guys? You know that vaporware

Pain3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Being made for XBOX 3 in 09/10 along with Halo 4

@mart Oh yee lil kid u sound like anal lips flapping from a Huge Fart evertime u talk.

I Make Stuff Up3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

No, you be careful.
You're the one running around bringing up 3 year old discussions.

Hey Marty, now you know what it's like, right?

PS - Aaw, someone took my bubbie-wubbie because I said something bad about Awan Wake.

REPLOID243695d ago

on the golden child of gaming (xbox 360), you tend to lose bubbles around here. my bet is this game is gonna be launched with the 720, yo.

PopEmUp3695d ago

is lost in the bush fire

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Silogon3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

He's probably wondering around silent hill right now since the game looks just like it.

The truth is, the game is probably being heavily optomised over and over again to run on the inferior xbox 360 hardware. We never seen the xbox 36 version, ya know. We always see the PC version running on high end computers that would probably blow mine apart, even.

Alan Wake will not look remotley as good as we 1st seen it. Not on the xbox 360 it won't. "IF" Alan Wake comes out for the xbox 360 I can see it's graphics looking like Too Humans. The xbox 360 is almost tapped for power and potential, if not already.

heylo3696d ago

hey look it's Alan Fake

I Make Stuff Up3696d ago

I thought it was Alan Wait.
Guess I was wrong.

AAACE53696d ago

I guess he went to sleep!

Nevers3695d ago

with Carmen Sandiego doing some A-Cappella...

MiloGarret3695d ago

LOL at first two, the rest... not so much!

YoshiMeetsU3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

He is hanging out with Duke Nukem in HOME. j/k

lsujester3695d ago

Hell no, he saw the new Max Payne movie trailer and decided not to release himself, or else some director will mistreat him like that.

slinkey1233695d ago


Hahahaha yeah

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plain rice3696d ago

Killzone 2 and Alan Wake were both revealed at E3 2K5 and only K2 is living up to its promise. Alan Wake is nowhere to be found. No signs of beta's or a release date. You know what that means. The 360 is _________. Fill in the blank.

Dyingduck3696d ago

THE SH!T...not just "A" SH!T but THE SH!T


Stickguy2593695d ago

LOL at people who disagreed with AngryHippo (who's post it below mine for some reason...). He's right, people who only own a PS3 shouldn't post useless crap in the Xbox area, and vice versa for the Xbox owners posting in the PS3 articles.

Second off, DelayBox? Really? Is that the extent of your taunting I Make Stuff Up, DelayBox? Definetly pulled out the big guns.

Killzone 2 and Home would like to say hello.

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Bruce Everiss3696d ago

Alan Wake is the sequel to Too Human

JackBauerIsHIGH3695d ago

That's pretty funny...

Microsoft is playing it pretty close to the chest with this game. That could mean either this game is going to live up to it's expectations or it is not coming along too well.

It doesn't really matter to me at this time, however. If it's not good I won't pick it up, even for rental. Simple as that.